Welcome to WTRE’s 2022 Election Page. This page is intended to present the candidates our listeners will have an option to vote for. We have created an environment to help educate our listeners and encourage each registered voter to place an educated vote.

Information on this page is submitted by each candidate. If you are running for office and your information is not listed, please feel free to submit it to wtre.wtre@gmail.com. All candidates listed have declared their intentions to fill an open position. All candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Indiana State Representative District 55

Candidate: Lindsay Patterson

Decatur County Sheriff Candidates: Dave Durant, Independent Sheriff Candidate and

Bill Meyerrose , Republican Sheriff Candidate

Dave Durant, Independent Sheriff Candidate

Dave Durant, Independent Candidate

Decatur County Sheriff Dave Durant is seeking a second term as your Decatur County Sheriff. Sheriff Durant will be running as an Independent candidate. Durant’s name will not appear on the primary ballot in May but will be on the general election ballot in November 2022. Durant says that there is no place for politics in law enforcement. As Sheriff Durant stated in his first election, “I am a policeman, not a politician.” My main job as your Sheriff is to protect the liberties and freedoms of every citizen regardless of your standing in our community. Under Sheriff Durant’s “unconditional respect” mandate, all citizens are treated fairly and justly regardless of who they are or who they know.

Durant says that in his first term, 100% of promises made during his campaign have been met.

These include:

1. Working with Decatur County Schools to double the number of certified School Resource Officers in our school buildings to better protect our children.

2. Increased the number of Merit Deputies that patrol Decatur County by 25%. This includes the addition of one full time and one part time detective working together attacking narcotics and related crimes through targeted, intelligence-based policing. Durant’s stance on aggressive and proactive law enforcement targeting and arresting bad actors has made Decatur County a very unfriendly place to commit crimes.

3. Implemented a Reserve deputy training program to increase coverage by 6 times.

4. Completely restructured the Jail Commissary system and increased it from 79,000 dollars annually to 500,000 dollars per year with the same or smaller number of inmates than previous administrations. These funds greatly offset the burden on our taxpayers allowing Sheriff Durant to stay within budget for all four years of his first term. This includes cutting the budget by one quarter of a million dollars in 2022 giving the money back to the Decatur County taxpayer where it belongs.

5. Created programs inside of the Detention Center offering “Hope and Change” for inmates. Sheriff Durant believes that true change starts in the heart. These voluntary programs include REC (Residents Encounter Christ), MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy), HSE (High School Equivalency) as well as weekly church services provided by local Decatur County Churches and frequent visits by the Gideons as well as bible study. Since implemented, over 100 participants have professed a relationship with Christ following by believer’s baptism inside of the Detention Center. Also, over 100 men and women have either graduated from or are currently participating in MRT and HSE while incarcerated. These programs are 100% funded by inmates and their families through the commissary system at zero cost to the taxpayer thus decreasing recidivism inside of our jail producing taxpayers instead of tax drainers.

6. Secured approximately a half million dollars in state and federal grants for programs ranging from additional personnel to aggressive traffic enforcement. These include school bus stop arm enforcement as well as impaired driving. Under Durant’s leadership, Decatur County Sheriff’s Office has produced some of the highest statistics of traffic enforcement in the entire state of Indiana regardless of agency size which makes for a safer Decatur County.

7. Restructured the comp time system saving Decatur County taxpayers over 700,000 dollars in his first term in overtime charges.

8. Increased training for all deputies by four times, which decreases liability to our citizens while increasing the safety of the deputies that serve them.

Under Sheriff Durant’s leadership, the core values of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office are absolute integrity, unconditional respect, selfless service, professionalism and above all, servant leadership. Sheriff Durant credits all the great success of the DCSO to GOD first, an amazing and talented staff second and third, the tremendous support of the citizens of Decatur County for his agency.

Some of Sheriff Durant’s goals for a second term are to continue and increase his “Arrest to Recovery” program as well as develop future leaders within the organization. Durant says, “These leaders will transcend my term to effectively and professionally safeguard the citizens of Decatur County for years to come.”

Durant stated, “It has been my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Decatur County in my first term as your Decatur County Sheriff. I would be humbled and blessed to serve a second and final term.” God Bless America and God Bless Decatur County.

Romans 13:4

Bill Meyerrose, Republican Sheriff Candidate

Bill Meyerrose, Republican Candidate

Bill Meyerrose is a lifelong resident of and has spent his entire law enforcement career serving the citizens of Decatur County. Meyerrose believes that to serve the people as the leader of a law
enforcement agency, it is important that the person have knowledge of all areas of the department.
Meyerrose has worked as a patrol officer, a detective and served as Chief of Police, therefore gaining
the experience in all areas of a law enforcement agency. Lastly, Meyerrose has spent the last six of his
32 total years in law enforcement serving as Investigator for the Decatur County Prosecutors Office,
working daily with all law enforcement agencies in Decatur County.

Meyerrose will bring even-tempered leadership to all employees at the Decatur County Sheriff’s
Department and rebuild the partnerships of agencies working in Decatur County. Meyerrose will invest
his experiences in law enforcement, which have been proven successful, into the next generation of law
enforcement that will serve Decatur County. The top priority will be partnerships: working together, not
independently. We will work together with law enforcement agencies, county fire departments, and our
schools, to better serve the people of Decatur County. As for the employees, one major key will be to
commit to maintaining staffing levels so that no one is working short staffed. Failure to maintain an
adequate level of staff in an agency causes items to be missed, making patrol and detention deputies
vulnerable while placing the county at risk for liability.

Meyerrose will provide the deputies with the tools they need to be successful and safe, supporting the
people who serve the people. A priority will be providing all deputies with body worn cameras. The
state legislature has budgeted money for local departments such as ours to facilitate this purchase.
These body worn cameras will provide crucial evidence in criminal cases, expediting the cases through
the court system, as well as protecting the deputies and the county from civil liability.

As for the detention center, Meyerrose is a firm believer in providing programs and treatment to those
who have drifted to a place where they need help. The county is now transitioned to the new facility
which was necessary to provide these programs. The faith based Residents Encountering Christ (REC)
program currently being provided at the detention center WILL continue and programs added. To take
rehabilitation a step further, the Jail Chemical Addiction Program (JCAP) will also be implemented to
provide inmates with an additional resource for a successful outcome. The key to successful
rehabilitation is to provide support during detention and a foundation for continued services once they
are released, whether that is a faith based program or an evidence based program.
Unfortunately, during this time of economic struggles coupled with substance abuse and addiction
issues, property crimes such as theft and burglaries are occurrences that our citizens and law
enforcement deal with on a daily a basis. Better communication with other law enforcement agencies,
along with treating these property crimes as investigations rather than just a report for insurance will be
a priority if Meyerrose is elected.

Lastly, if elected, Meyerrose intends to be in the office where you can find him, with an open door policy
for all of the citizens of Decatur County to be able to stop in and share their concerns and ideas. Action
is what provides results, not the loud talk of action. Mark Twain said, “Thunder is good, thunder is
impressive; but it is lightning that does the work”. Meyerrose said: “I will be at work, doing the work,
working with and along-side our deputies as we all work together as partners to serve Decatur County.”

Prosecuting Attorney of Decatur County

Candidate Nathan Harter IV

Decatur County Recorder

Candidate Dottie Moore Robbins

Decatur County Coroner

Candidate Charity Banks

Decatur County Assessor

Candidate Dorene Greiwe

Decatur County Council


District 1: Kenny Hooten

District 2: Danny Peters

District 3: Deanna Burkart

District 4: Ashley Emsweller-Hungate

Ashley Emsweller-Hungate, Decatur County Council, Republican Candidate

Ashley Emsweller-Hungate, Republican Candidate

Councilwoman Ashley Emsweller-Hungate recently filed to run for a second term representing District 4 on the Decatur County Council. With more than 14 years of experience in government administration, she is well-positioned to continue bringing operational expertise and insight to the council.

In addition to her duties with the council managing Decatur County’s budget and financial
obligations, she also is focused on several main initiatives:

  • Transparency: This includes frequent communication with the public about current
    council business and gathering feedback on upcoming initiatives
  • Stability: Fiscal conservatism and consistent management is key to maintaining Decatur
    County’s strong fiscal position
  • Long-term planning: Large initiatives should be planned for well in advance with future,
    not just current, needs in mind
  • County personnel: County employee policies and compensation should be modern,
    competitive, consistent and attractive so that Decatur County can attract and retain the
    best employees to serve its citizens

“Since joining the council, I have become active in several key initiatives, including a salary
study for all county employees,” said Emsweller-Hungate. “These issues require a strong hand
and strategic mindset, which I bring to the table every meeting.”
Outside of council duties, Emsweller-Hungate has experience managing multi-million dollar
budgets for state agencies, administering grants, overseeing staff of more than 40 employees
plus contractors and vendors and implementing compensation and benefits initiatives for more
than 30,000 state employees across Indiana.

“I have served in state leadership positions across three gubernatorial administrations. My
emphasis during this time has been clear communication, increased transparency and
enhanced efficiency,” said Emsweller-Hungate. “While I love helping Hoosiers on a daily basis, I
appreciate having the opportunity to utilize these skills at the local government level and to
benefit my home community.”

Emsweller-Hungate grew up in Clarksburg and now lives on a small farm outside of Saint Paul
with her husband, four children and three rescue dogs. She is Vice-President of the Greensburg
Decatur County Public Library board, President of the Decatur County Republican Women,
Secretary of the North Decatur Music Parents and Past-President of the Saint Paul Kiwanis.
She is an alumnus of Indiana State University and Western Governors University of Indiana for
her undergraduate and MBA degrees.

Each of these positions requires strong leadership, strategic thinking and fiscal responsibility. If
re-elected, Councilwoman Emsweller-Hungate plans to dedicate her knowledge, skills and
abilities to continue supporting Decatur County’s fiscal stability now and into the future.
For more information about Councilwoman Emsweller-Hungate or to discuss issues impacting
County Council District 4, please contact her directly at EmswellerHungate@gmail.com.
Information about her office and the campaign is available on Facebook under Councilwoman
Ashley Emsweller-Hungate.

Decatur County Clerk

Janet Howell, Republican Clerk Candidate

Janet Howell, Republican Clerk Candidate

I am excited to announce my intent to file for the position of Decatur County Clerk.

I reside in Decatur County with husband, Chris Howell. I have five children, three stepchildren, and five grandchildren. I am currently employed with Decatur County Clerk’s Office, where I have been serving Decatur County as a Deputy Clerk since February 2009. I have devoted myself to bringing high ethical standards and quality service to the Office of the County Clerk. I have also worked for the county as a dispatcher for several years prior, where I helped with the implementation of the E911 system in Decatur County. My father, Daryl Templeton, is a former Sheriff of Decatur County. I would like to follow in his political footsteps serving Decatur County, where I hope to make him proud.

The Clerk’s Office performs a wide variety of important duties, including holding elections, filing and maintaining cases for both Decatur Superior and Circuit Courts, taking payments for civil and criminal cases, marriage licenses, passports, maintaining records, and much more. With my passion for serving our community, I hope to continue serving Decatur County as the next Decatur County Clerk. I am asking for your vote in the May 3rd Primary Election on the Republican ticket.

Decatur County Commissioner, District 2

Candidate: Jeremy Pasel

Jeremy Pasel, Decatur County Commissioner, District 2 Republican Candidate

Jeremy Pasel, Decatur County Commissioner, District 2 Republican Candidate

Today, Jeremy Pasel announced his candidacy for Decatur County Commissioner in District 2, saying ” Decatur County has experienced growth over the last decade but with the right leadership we can encourage consistent growth that brings new prosperity and opportunity to this hardworking community.” 

Pasel grew up in northern Cass County, Indiana on the family farm that was purchased by his great grandfather. A proud ten year 4-H member, Pasel raised cattle and hogs for the county fair. After his rural upbringing in northern Indiana, he attended Franklin College and then worked full time during his legal education at the IU McKinney School of Law.  Since graduating from law school in 2012, Pasel has dedicated his career to public service as a deputy prosecuting attorney. Pasel and his wife moved to northwestern Decatur County in 2018 because it is a rural farming community that is very similar to where they grew up.

Of his candidacy, Pasel said, ” I will work to move this community, as your County Commissioner, in the direction that improves all our lives. I intend to pursue responsible economic development, which will not only bring good paying jobs to our community, but it can help improve our schools, roads, utilities, fair grounds, and provide other opportunities that will positively affect Decatur County.” Pasel pledged to be the professional representative Decatur County needs to go meet with and attract economic investment in our community.  Pasel described himself as a “fiscal conservative” who will not pursue projects that leave Decatur County in a fiscal deficit. A young man with a family, Pasel dedicated himself to “creating a better community for our children and grandchildren.”  

In his announcement letter to voters, Pasel ” guarantee[d] transparency and enhanced communication regarding the commissioners’ meetings and decisions made as a result of those meetings,” saying, “Decisions should not be made behind closed doors or to benefit only a select few.” Pasel specifically noted that transparency and communication can only go so far when the current County Commissioners meet at 8:00 am on a Monday.  Pasel promised to work with his fellow commissioners to move the County Commissioner meetings to a time when the working family doesn’t have to worry about losing money or taking time off work to come voice their concerns about a project.  

Describing what sets him apart as a candidate and why he’s running, Pasel said, ” I will be your County Commissioner who is not afraid of change or to bring innovation to Decatur County. I will ask the hard questions. I am fortunate to have lived in several different communities. Consequently, I have seen the advantages and the disadvantages of these communities. These experiences will help me to help Decatur County. We call Decatur County home because of the wide-open spaces and the small, tight knit community. I will help Decatur County grow and improve while not sacrificing the ideals we cherish.”

Pasel closed by expressing eagerness to interact with all of his neighbors during the race, inviting all of Decatur County to share their vision for the future with him via Facebook or by calling him at 812-614-8005. “It would be my honor to earn your support and to serve the people of Decatur County as their newest County Commissioner.”

Washington Township Trustee

Candidate: Chris Ramey, Democrat Candidate and Beverly Rivera Republican Candidate

Chris Ramey, Washington Township Trustee Democrat Candidate

Chris Ramey, Washington Township Trustee, Democrat Candidate

I Christopher M. Ramey, am announcing my candidacy for Washington Township Trustee in Decatur County. I have long been an advocate for disadvantaged people. That’s my passion: to serve my community. 

I will bring my knowledge and compassion to the Washington Township Trustee’s office. The position needs a  person knowledgeable in benefits, and programs to assist those asking for help. While I’ve helped secure services for the individuals I have served, I also am experienced with budgeting and seeking grants. 

In addition to my experience I have formal education which will serve well in the Trustee’s office. . I earned a Work Incentives Practitioner certification while attending Cornell University.   The combination of my skills and training resulted to success for my clients ability to return to work either in a similar job or after retraining for a new career. They were also able to keep those new careers and care for their families. It has always been my goal to help others build a bridge over the gap to self-sufficiency which often times includes teaching people new money management skills. I believe that this is often key to long-term independence. 

I have work experiences in both private industry and not-for-profit agencies both locally and nationally.  I will bring those skills to this office, skills such as working with tight budgets, negotiating the best results for my clients. Our Township Trustee’s office needs someone with just these skills to serve the public and protect the tax-payers as well.

I will lead with transparency and ask that of the other elected officials as well. 

When elected I promise to  always have my door open to the community, to be available for questions and concerns. 

My career has given me opportunities to work with local and federal leaders.  This community will benefit from those experiences and of course, as a representative of this community I will work across political lines to get this job done for the citizenry. 

I hold as a high duty of the office to honor and provide for the upkeep of our local cemeteries. I will make sure the final resting place of our loved ones are kept up in their honor. 

The bottom line is this:  I am a hardworking family man, I am blessed to be married to Brianna for 11 wonderful years,and together we have 3 beautiful children: Lilly, Sophie, and Kansas. I am thankful to be able to share my career earned skills, opportunities and accomplishments with Washington Township. 

I ask now for your support and remind you to Vote for Chris Ramey

Beverly Rivera, Washington Township Trustee Republican Candidate

Beverly Rivera, Washington Township Trustee Republican Candidate

Beverly Rivera has filed to run as a candidate in the race for the Washington Township Trustee. She is running on the Republican ticket.

Beverly is a local businesswoman, wife, mother and community volunteer and leader. She owns and operates Rivera Screenprinting and Embroidery, a successful local business for 27 years. Beverly has been married to Jaime Rivera for 32 years and they have four adult daughters: Jessica, Samantha, Sabrina and Natalie.

“I decided to run for this office after a few years of consideration,” Beverly said. “I have several ideas and projects in mind that will benefit the residents of Washington Township if I’m elected.”

In 2021, a task force was created to advise the current trustee on some major bond issues and Rivera is currently serving on that task force. Her experience on this task force and exposure to the workings of the office fueled her desire to become the trustee. “I have been learning more about the projects that are in place and I am willing to delve deeper to create beneficial programs and policies for our township,” Rivera said. Those projects, which have gained high public interest over the past year, include the bond issue for the Lake McCoy cleanup project and property purchased by the current trustee; a new and permanent location for the township office; and work being done in cemeteries to locate and identify old burial plots as well as available plots, in addition to the general upkeep and repairs needed in the cemeteries. Rivera believes all of these need attention and is currently researching each to gain a better understanding in order to make proper decisions if elected.

As a local businesswoman, Rivera works with many offices and individuals who are dependent on the Washington Township budget. The Greensburg fire department, Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement and several county offices are among her customers. Rivera stated, “The relationships I have with my current customers will be helpful in working with them to determine how the trustee’s office can better assist them in funding their projects.

The Rivera family is rooted and grounded in Decatur County. Beverly is a lifelong resident, while Jaime moved here when they married 32 years ago. Together they have raised their daughters in Greensburg. Community involvement has always been an important part of the family: It was a priority to be active participants in the local schools, PTO, church youth groups, serving on the boards of youth soccer and softball leagues, and coaching hundreds of the youth in our community in various sports and Special Olympics.

In addition, Beverly has served personally on the board of the local Walk to Emmaus community (a non-denominational Christian organization), several church committees, and numerous local organizations that provide assistance to the citizens of Decatur County. She was instrumental in establishing the thrift store for the TLC Homeless shelter when it was established in 2017. The American Cancer Society Relay for Life was a long-time commitment, as Beverly served twelve years as a team and event leader, top fundraiser and sponsor.

Beverly has a very solid Christian faith and uses that to help guide her daily in business and personal life. She had served as the mission director at Greensburg United Methodist Church for over ten years and is currently on the community outreach committee at First Christian Church. She has led over fifteen mission trips from across Indiana to other states and in the country of Guatemala. In addition, she was trained as a coordinator for emergency first responders through the United Methodist Committee on Relief. “Some of the best-spent times in my life have been when I’m doing something to help others,” Rivera said. “One of my favorite times is the Youth to Yellowstone organization. I have had the privilege to serve as a leader on the trip and continue today to help coordinate this trip for underprivileged youth who may not have such an opportunity with the organization and adult leaders.” This dedication to her church, people across the country and world has given her many years of leading large groups of people and managing budgets and projects.

Rivera looks forward to the campaign over the next few months and getting out to meet more residents to share her ideas for a trustee’s office that has the best interest of the tax payers in mind. She summarizes her abilities as such: “My experience running a business for 27 years, my degree in Accounting and Business management from Indiana Business College, and the large amount of community projects and budgets for which I have been involved has definitely prepared me to be an excellent Washington Township Trustee.”

Adams Township Trustee

Candidate: Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams, Adams Township Trustee, Republican Candidate

My name is Rachel Connall Adams, and I am running for Adams Township Trustee. Born & raised in Decatur County, the majority of my years I’ve lived right here in Adams Township. I am a 1992 graduate of North Decatur High School. Shortly after graduating, I moved to the East Coast to start my career, and eventually my family. I have a son, Xavier, who is a senior at NDHS and a daughter, Gabriella, who is a freshman at NDHS. We returned “home” in 2010 and reside on family property. During the last few years that my dad served as Adams Township Trustee, I served as his Deputy. If elected as your trustee, it is my goal to mend the relationship with the Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department in order to provide adequate fire protection for the community. I will fight against implanting a “fire territory” in order to keep your property & income taxes from making unnecessary spikes. I feel it is extremely imperative to work alongside the advisory board, seeking their opinions, suggestions and input. Other responsibilities I will handle with respect and diligence is maintaining the abandoned cemeteries within our community and administering township assistance.  It is extremely important to have open communication with the advisory board, as well as all residents of Adams Township. As your Adams Township Trustee, I intend to work with the advisory board, re-establish open communications with the residents and serve my community with honesty and integrity. I would appreciate your vote on

Adams Township Advisory Board

Candidates: Ken Ewing, Bethany Fellows, Bradley Scheidler

Clay Township Trustee

Candidate David Israel

Clay Township Advisory Board

Candidates: Ann Stagge, Kelli Koors and Jerry Wiseman

Clinton Township Trustee

Candidate: Ronnie Bruner

Clinton Township Advisory Board

Candidates: Stanley Schoettmer, Brian Schwering and Linda Volk

Fugit Township Trustee

Candidate James Geis

Fugit Township Advisory Board

Candidates Dean Bennett and Bart Metz

Jackson Township Trustee

Candidate Brenda Shireman

Jackson Township Advisory Board

Candidates Jack Emly, Steve Fortner, and Troy Hill

Marion Township Trustee

Candidate Elizabeth Fry

Saltcreek Township Trustee

Candidate Fred Krieger

Sandcreek Township Trustee

Candidate Dan Wenning

Sandcreek Township Advisory Board

Candidates Greg Allen, Dennis Cox, and Gail Snyder