Bill designed to help grow local businesses filed by Decatur County’s representation in Congress

Congresswoman Houchin Introduces First Bill of Congress to Help Grow Local Businesses “It’s important we cut red tape to make it easier for our local businesses to grow,” – Rep. Houchin. 

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Erin Houchin (R-Ind.-09) introduced her first bill in the 118th Congress, the Regulation A+ Improvement Act, to expand investment options for Americans across the country and support the growth of small to mid-size businesses. “This legislation will bring more companies into public markets by reducing red tape to help small to mid-sized businesses grow while also giving everyday investors more opportunities to build wealth.  “As a member of the Financial Services Committee, I’m committed to expanding options for Hoosiers to build wealth and secure their financial futures. It’s important we cut red tape to make it easier for our local businesses to grow,” said Congresswoman Houchin. The Regulation A+ Improvement Act increases the dollar amount that companies can raise under ‘Regulation A’ without having to go through the standard IPO process. Commonly referred to as a mini-IPO, ‘Regulation A’ is an exemption from typical registration with the SEC for public offerings that allows companies to bypass obstacles that can otherwise prevent them from raising the money they need to grow.

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