More bills signed into law by Governor Eric Holcomb

Enrolled acts signed by the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore are sent to the Office of the Lt. Governor for signature, are then returned to the Office of the Secretary of the Senate (for Senate Enrolled Acts) or the Clerk of the House of Representatives (for House Enrolled Acts), and then go to the Office of the Governor. From there, the Governor reviews all legislation and has seven days to sign or veto the bill. If he does not sign it, it automatically becomes law on the eighth day after receipt.

2023 Regular Session Bills

Bill NumberDescriptionDate Received by GovernorDue Date for Governor ActionDate Signed
SEA 002Taxation of pass-through entities2/20/20232/27/20232/22/2023
SEA 009Energy Utilities3/22/20233/29/20233/22/2023
SB 048Child Sex Offenses3/29/20234/5/20234/5/2023
SB 114Receivership for past due utility bills3/29/20234/5/20234/5/2023
SB 296Sale of tax-delinquent real property3/29/20234/5/20234/5/2023
SB 374Regional water, sewage, or solid waste districts3/29/20234/5/20234/5/2023
SB 445Electronic monitoring standards3/29/20234/5/20234/5/2023
SB 480Gender transition procedure for minors3/29/20234/5/20234/5/2023
HB 1323Information Privacy Relating to Firearms3/29/20234/5/20234/5/2023
HB 1327Accountancy3/29/20234/5/20234/5/2023
SEA 106Local powers concerning elections4/4/20234/11/20234/5/2023
SEA 181Cause of action concerning restraint of trade4/4/20234/11/20234/5/2023
HEA 1048Technical corrections4/4/20234/11/20234/5/2023
HEA 1076Indiana national guard matters4/4/20234/11/20234/5/2023

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