Ruth Kessler, Emily Verseman, and Kathy Verseman

Alexa Powers and BJ Powers

Deanna Barnet and Grace Buchannan

Emily Verseman, Ruth Kessler, and Kathy Verseman

Kathy Verseman, Hellen Philips, and Emily Verseman

Tonia Schofield and Morgan Schofield

Jennifer Carman mom of Erika Reed, Tanner Carman and Layton Carman

Kyra Meyer. Mom of Roman, Max and Renn

Kristi Hedrick. Mom of Kinsley and Quinn Hedrick.

Dyelynn Hedrick. Mom of Harper, Hattie and Ella Hedrick

Nancy Morrow mom of Daryl, Joyce, Nan, Jennifer and Joey

Joyce Domingo mom of Cody and Kelby Hedrick

Rosemary Schroeder sweet mom of Diann Reisman

Nancy mom of Ali Minning and Ricky Jackson.

Becky Mobley mom of Joe, Matt, and Chris Mobley. Grandmother and Great Grandmother to many, many more!

Pam Fasnacht mom of Derek Fasnacht and Dyelynn Hedrick.

Janet Bedel is the best mom of Susan (Bedel) Calabrese. “She is wonderful for so many reasons! She cares very deeply for all four of us kids (Christina, Kurt, Bruce, and me ) and our spouses and children (her grandchildren). She is also a wonderful wife to our dad, Bob Bedel. I don’t know where I would be today without the love and support of my parents! I am blessed beyond measure, and I am incredibly grateful to be their daughter!”

Alicia Minning mom of Aubrey, Olivia, and Rosie

Lana’s mom

Teresa Scudder mom of Amy Mauer. “My mom Teresa Scudder is amazing . One of the main reasons is because when i fell off track and lost my way due to addiction. She stepped up and took on the task of raising my children and still to this day does so without hesitation. We are forever grateful for her. my kiddos and i would be lost without her.”