Master Gardeners

Spring 2021, there will be a Statewide Virtual Purdue Master Gardeners Basic Training from March 3 – June 2 (with completion of final exam after June 2). Statewide live webinars will be held on Wednesdays, from 1:30 – 3:30pm. In Dearborn/Decatur/Ohio and Ripley County, the local county connection hour will be on Thursdays at 5pm each week. This will be offered virtually through a link you will receive with the possibility of in-person field trips being discussed during the first local connection hour.

Please read Form EMG-1 and complete, sign and return to Jeff Hermesch. You may download the policy guide at

Cost is $175 per person

Contact Jeff Hermesch at The Decatur County Extension Office at 812-663-8388.

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