Dealing Meth sentence in Decatur Circuit Court

From Decatur County Prosecutor Nathan Harter

Omer Ball was sentenced on November 16, 2022 by Judge Tim Day in the Decatur Circuit Court, after pleading guilty to Level 3 Felony Dealing in Methamphetamine, and admitting to being an Habitual Offender. The parties entered a plea agreement in which Ball was sentenced to 12 years. The parties left it up to Judge Day how much of that 12 years should be served in prison, home detention, or probation.

The State was represented by Prosecuting Attorney Nate Harter in the contested hearing. Harter noted Ball’s lengthy criminal history, beginning in 1987 and continuing to today. Mr. Ball has prior convictions for Operating While Intoxicated (x3), Resisting Law Enforcement, Public Intoxication, Operating a Vehicle as an Habitual Traffic Offender, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Trespass, Battery, Possession of Narcotic Drug, Maintaining a Common Nuisance (twice), Neglect of a Dependent, and various probation violations.

Mr. Ball’s attorney recommended the minimum sentence of six years in prison followed by six years of probation, citing Mr. Ball’s poor health and advanced age. When Mr. Ball testified, he expressed regret that methamphetamine had ruined his life and that he had never had an opportunity for treatment.

“I confess I was mystified by Mr. Ball’s testimony,” said Harter. “The idea that he was a victim of substance abuse issues for 35 years, and never had the opportunity to make changes in his life is unbelievable and incredible. Of course he had opportunities; he just didn’t take them. What’s worse, he expressed no remorse for dealing this poison to other people, so long as it helped him make money or get high. He expressed no recognition that he was hurting people beyond himself, or that he was using them and taking advantage of their suffering.”

Harter wants to recognize Detective Mark Naylor of Greensburg Police for his work in this case. “Mr. Ball has been committing crimes in this community since before I was born. I’m grateful for the work Detective Naylor and others did to catch Mr. Ball and provide me with a case to prosecute.”

Harter expressed satisfaction with the outcome. “I respect the Court’s decision, even though I requested a longer sentence in prison. Six years is a long time in prison for a man of Mr. Ball’s age, and I suppose we’ll have the remaining six years afterward to see if he actually makes good on his claimed desire to reform.”

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