2021 Legislative Session

Monday January 4th begins the 2021 Legislative Session. Session begins at 1:30pm

For the House of Representatives the House Chamber has been temporarily moved to the Indiana Government Center South for social distancing.
All committees must meet in the House Chamber or the temporary House Chamber in the Government Center. With only two committee rooms legislation will move much slower.
Unlike normal years once a bill passes the House or Senate it will become eligible to be heard in the other house. In a normal year bills switch chambers at the half way point.
Legislators are asked to take COVID 19 precautions such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing ones hands often. Hand sanitizer is provided.
2021 is a long session and a budget year. The budget must be in place by June 30th.
2021 is a year to redraw the House, Senate, and Congressional districts. Each decade the districts are realigned due to population changes. The 2020 US Census data may be late in arriving causing a delay in the new districts.
It’s unclear at this time if a special session will be required. Session normally in a budget year runs from early January until the end of April. This year session could extend into May or July depending on when the Census data arrives from the Federal Government.
The budget is a huge concern in the year following the pandemic. Budget forecast will be available from late December and late April. Both forecast are vital to setting the next two year budget.

State Representative Randy Frye 

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