911 Board Creates New Procedure

The 911 Board met on Wednesday.

This was a special meeting called to discuss a 911 change procedure. The board governs the processes and procedures of 911 and do not have any authority with territories. The procedure that was discussed will cover all future 911 changes.

Mayor Joshua Marsh asked if the board was interested in adding county and city levels into the list of those authorized to make changes. This was in section B that covers government entities such as city/county/trustees. Mayor Marsh also pointed out the difference in public safety and non-public safety processes. For non-public safety, a subcommittee reviews the change and then goes before the board with a recommendation. This is not the case for public safety, where decisions can just be made. It was pointed out that the 911 board has no authority to deny elected officials such as the mayor, sheriff, or trustee, if they were to request a tune out. The Mayor requested the procedure be amended so that the verbiage in public safety and non-public safety mirror each other. The board approved the 911 change procedure with the amendment made by the Mayor.

The changes made to Adams Township were made during the old process, where there was no procedure in place. The board understands that this was not handled as properly as it should have been; however, they have no power over the trustee who did make this change legally.

There was a member of the attendees that asked whether or not they could request Adams Fire Department for their rescue in the event of an emergency. The answer is yes, but dispatch with send St. Paul as well because they have to follow procedure. They are legally bound to what the trustees ask them to do. The member is worried that St. Paul won’t be able to navigate Adams.

Another member asked if the board answers to the County Council or the trustees. The board answers to the council. Concerns from community members are welcome to be brought before the County Council who meet every third Tuesday of the month, at 9am.

The board reminded people that documentation of incidents is key. Documentation can help them go through their log to look up accidents and see what really happened.

The board stated that one way or another people will get held. Everyone works together to keep people safe and all fire chiefs are in contact with each other.

Morgan Schofield


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