Arrive Alive program presented by SADD at Greensburg High School

Greensburg High School SADD received a $2,750.00 grant to bring Arrive Alive to the Greensburg High School on May 2. Arrive Alive will be set up from 9a-2:30p in the Greensburg High School Parking Lot. 25-30 students can go through this project every hour. Arrive Alive is the number one rated simulator in the United States that educates young drivers on the dangers of operating a motor vehicle under the influence and texting and driving. 

UNITE’s Arrive Alive Tour uses a high-tech simulator, impact video, and a number of other resources to educate individuals and communities about the dangers of texting while driving, drugged driving and impaired driving. The simulator allows participants to experience, in a controlled environment, the potential consequences of distracted driving and/or driving while intoxicated. We are very excited to have launched the only Marijuana Driving Simulator in the country!

Event Summary

Participants get into an actual vehicle (with battery disabled and car immobilized) and put on a virtual reality headset. Sensors are connected to the vehicle’s gas/ brake pedals and steering-wheeI, enabling the participant to experience impaired/ distracted driving without the real-life consequences. Upon exiting the vehicle, each participant is handed a mock citation detailing the ramifications of their simulation, as explained by a facilitator. An external LED monitor is set-up near the vehicle, showing what the driver is experiencing in their simulation in real time. The program incorporates an event survey on a tablet. This survey gages participants knowledge and experience in relation to distracted, impaired or drugged driving before and after they use the simulator. The program now features our new Animated GIFs program! This not only gives your participants a keepsake to always remember to drive.

From SADD Advisor Brendan Bridges

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