BBB Scam Alert

If you are active on Instagram, watch out for this popular con.  Phony companies are reaching out to users and offering them perks in exchange for posting product pictures. These “brand ambassadors” just end up losing money.  

How the Scam Works   

A “company” contacts you through your social media account or blog. They want to know if you would be interested in becoming a “brand ambassador.” It sounds like a great gig. All you need to do is post photos of yourself using their product. In exchange, the company will give you a commission, send free products and provide exposure for your account.     

You are eager to get started, but there’s a catch! According to BBB Scam Tracker, several victims reported first having to buy items, anything from sunglasses to jewelry to cosmetics. These cost $50 or more and arrived broken. Other times, the scammer charged victims upfront for a “background check.”  No matter how the scam works, the outcome was the same. Victims paid upfront, but the promise of commission or exposure never materialized.   

How to Spot an Employment Scam: 

  • Be very cautious of any job that asks you to hand over money. Scammers will often use the guise of running a credit check, setting up direct deposit or paying for training.  
  • If an offer looks suspicious, search for it in Google. If something is a scam, victims are likely to have posted about it online.  
  • Learn about job scams. This social media ambassador con uses many of the same techniques as a job scam. Read more about them at  

For More Information   

If you’ve been subjected to a social media scam, help others avoid falling victim by reporting it to BBB Scam Tracker. You can also contact or (317) 488-2222.

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