Bill to fully fund all K-12 public school students advances

STATEHOUSE –  The Indiana House of Representatives voted in support of legislation to fully fund all K-12 public school students for the 2020-21 school year, regardless of whether students attended classes in-person or virtually due to COVID-19, according to State Rep. Cindy Ziemke (R-Batesville).

Ziemke, who supported the bill, said the pandemic caused many traditional public schools to shift from in-person classes to remote learning. Under current law, schools receive 85% of tuition support per virtual student, which is defined as a child learning 50% or more of their instruction online. This means many schools would qualify for a lower funding amount because of moving classes online.

The legislation, which now advances to the Senate for consideration, would help mitigate requirements under current law and allow K-12 public schools to receive 100% funding for each student, whether they attended classes in-person or virtually.

“We moved quickly to make sure our schools are fully funded this year,” Ziemke said. “Indiana continues to invest in education, and this funding will allow schools to focus on doing what’s best for students while managing through this pandemic.”

To learn more about House Bill 1003 and watch legislative proceedings online, visit

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