Bill Watch update – March 16

INDIANAPOLIS- Governor Eric J. Holcomb signed 25 bills and vetoed HB 1211. Click here to view more details on the 2022 Bill Watch webpage.

HB1211 Digest –

State and local administration. Provides that not later than October 1, 2022, the department of administration (department), on behalf of the office of technology (office), shall issue a request for information for purposes of exploring how blockchain technology could be used by a state agency to: (1) achieve greater cost efficiency and cost effectiveness; and (2) improve consumer convenience, experience, data security, and data privacy. Requires the office to compile a report concerning the request for information and submit the report to the legislative council in an electronic format not later than March 31, 2023. Defines “blockchain technology” and “distributed ledger technology”. Requires an agency to submit an emergency rule to the attorney general for review and approval before the emergency rule may take effect. Provides that emergency rules may not be effective for a period that exceeds 180 days. Provides that certain emergency rules expire not more than two years after the rule takes effect. Requires an agency adopting an administrative rule to submit an economic impact statement and an explanation of any penalty, fine, or other similar negative impact included in the proposed rule to the publisher of the Indiana Administrative Code (publisher). Requires the publisher to provide a copy of the materials concerning a proposed rule or pending readoption to the members of the appropriate standing committee, the governor, and the office of management and budget. Provides that administrative rules expire on July 1 of the fourth year after the year in which the rule takes effect (instead of January 1 of the seventh year after the year in which the rule takes effect). Requires an agency intending to readopt an administrative rule to provide to the publisher, not later than January 1 of the third year after the year in which the rule most recently took effect: (1) notice of; and (2) information concerning; the pending readoption. Requires that all broadband infrastructure projects that are funded in whole or in part by a grant or loan from the regional economic acceleration and development initiative (READI) fund must satisfy the criteria and requirements as described in the rural broadband program. Makes corresponding changes.

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