Board of Aviation Meeting

The City of Greensburg Board of Aviation Meeting began at 6:00 pm on February 8, 2024. The meeting was called to order. Followed by Roll Call. All members were present except for Deborah Potter. Unanimous approval of the agenda was given after President Bill Ernestes added the Solar Eclipse to the agenda. Approval of the minutes from their prior meeting was next. 

Dr. Jon Dooley provided the Financial Report stating that currently, the Airport Improvement Account has $130,134.68, the Aviation Rotary Fuel Account has $156,257.83, the Airport Operations Account has $430,181.79, and the Jackson County Bank Intermediate Account has $602.00. With all of the account balances combined, they have $717,176.30. 

The meeting then transitioned to Old business. John Feister, BF&S provided an update on the construction report. He stated that they are moving towards being able to complete the construction close-out. John stated that they needed to pay Dave O’Mara for a portion of the project and told the board that they were awaiting reimbursement from federal funds to have the money to pay. John asked the board to approve paying that amount and then the reimbursement would be received in the next one or two months. The board approved this request. 

Under New Business John Feister, BF&S remained at the podium to provide an update on the construction’s next steps. John stated that he is working with INDOT on the bond release for the driveway. He spoke about ensuring the runway lights are all in working order when an upcoming inspection. John stated that President Ernestes had asked for an estimate on what a new 10-unit T-Hanger building would cost and he told the board roughly $250,000 for site work and $750,000 for the building itself. 

Jerry Scheidler, Airport Manager provided an update to the board. He stated that he did snow removal on the new runway and joked that it is a long way from end to end. He states that they need to possibly start looking at replacing the broom attachment for snow removal as the current one will wear out quicker with more area to cover. He stated that they did have a long-term tenant who recently passed away which caused a vacancy. Jerry stated that they have had an increase in fuel sales over the past few days with the change in weather. He is working with someone on getting electric ran to connect the new security cameras. 

An update about future buildings was discussed. The board stated that they are waiting on the City Council to have the first reading this month and then if the first reading is approved the second reading would occur in March. 

Amy Borns, City Clerk Treasurer approached the board to request to close the Jackson County Bank Intermediate Account. She stated that the account was originally opened when they received the loan for the airport build so that they could pay out of that account with the loan funds. However, that part is complete and she no longer is using the account. Amy stated that the account has $602.00 in it and if approved to close the account she would also ask that she be able to take that balance and apply towards the loan. The board approved the closure and transfer of the remaining balance to go towards the loan. Amy also stated that before the next budget she would like to work with the board on getting monthly payments on the loan worked into their budget. At this time they are making payments but would like to make them monthly. President Bill Ernestes stated that after all reimbursements he estimates the board will owe approximately $200,000 on the loan. 

The board unanimously approved the payment of all February bills. 

Josh Marsh, Mayor approached the board to discuss the Solar Eclipse and how it could affect the Airport. He states that Greensburg is in the line for the path of totality and that the Solar Eclipse is officially 60 days away. He mentioned that the Columbus Airport decided to rent parking places for aircraft for the Solar Eclipse and they have officially sold out those spots. He spoke about the airport ensuring they have fuel for any additional traffic they may see. Also to have a possible backup plan for the credit card reader for the fuel as they currently work off of cell service. It is a concern that with the number of individuals in the area, we may encounter cell service concerns. He also spoke with the board about preparing for security and ensuring no one is within the airport area. The board stated that they will begin working on a plan to address these concerns. 

Josh Marsh also stated that the courtesy vehicle is ready to go and he is working with the Information Technology Department to find a way to have a vending-type machine for the keys that will require a credit card swipe. 

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for March 7, 2024.

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