Charged up and ready to go!

Rachel Sullivan of Decatur County REMC and Jordan Wallpe of Duke Energy presented a program regarding the future of electric vehicles to members and guests of the Rotary Club of Greensburg #3437 on Monday.

Following the presentation, members were invited to take a test drive in electric vehicles manufactured by Tesla.

Sullivan, Corporate Relations Manager at Decatur County REMC, said that electric vehicles are of course an emerging trend that REMC is working into their long-term strategic plan along with the assistance of Hoosier Energy, a generation and transmission electric cooperative providing wholesale power and services to member distribution cooperatives.

“There are many things to take into consideration,” Sullivan said. “One of those is the energy load impact. REMC is dedicated to helping our community be as environmentally and technology friendly as possible.”

Sullivan said that as the co-op continues to map out the future, members who are interested in electric vehicles should contact her office regarding making sure their home is set up for its charging station. REMC will collaborate with qualified electricians to ensure full service is available.

Electric vehicles cost less to operate than gas powered engine vehicles and are more environmentally friendly since there are no tailpipes to emit fumes. They are quiet and smooth and have stronger acceleration and require less maintenance as well.

A fully charged Tesla X that was on site for the test drive, can run approximately 300 miles before needing to be recharged. This particular unit is priced near $40,000. Other units with better mileage are more expensive.

Wallpe, of Duke Energy, told Rotarians that there are currently three levels of charging stations. “There are not a lot of charging stations in Greensburg, but Duke Energy would like to change that,” he said. “With the various levels of charging stations, Duke believes in charging overnight because charging affects the level of energy load output for all of Duke.”

Wallpe pointed out that there is a free charging station at the Studebaker Studio on North Lincoln Street in Greensburg. “There is a financial charge at some stations, but the service at the Studebaker is free to anyone needing to charge their vehicle,” he said.

Jeff Emsweller

Public Relations

Rotary Club of Greensburg #3437, District #6580

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