Chronic Care Management award


Decatur County Memorial Hospital’s Chronic Care Management team recently received the
Community Impact Award from the Indiana State Office of Rural Health. Annually, the Indiana
Department of Health’s State Office of Rural Health awards trailblazers and leaders in rural
healthcare for their outstanding efforts and achievements.
Chronic Care Management at Decatur County Memorial Hospital connects patients
experiencing chronic conditions including, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and more, to a
personal care team. In 2021, the Chronic Care Management team began communicating with
these patients via text message outside their regularly scheduled appointments. The Chronic
Care Management team’s initial outreach increased participation by more than fivefold. With the
Chronic Care Management team’s continued efforts, they can now communicate with over
1,000 enrolled patients. Introducing this innovative service to the community allows patients to
check in with their care team regularly and conveniently.
Darci Myers, Care Coordinator at DCMH, accepted the award during the presentation. Myers
thanked the Indiana State Office of Rural Health for the award, stating, “Thank you for this
recognition, and thank you to the Hospital for having the innovation to try something different to
reach out to our patients. We have over 1,000 patients who are engaged in chronic care
management and improving their chronic conditions just through texting and setting goals. We
are working with them to meet those goals.”
Those experiencing chronic conditions who are interested in learning more about Chronic Care
Management should contact 812-663-1255.

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