City of Greensburg City Council Meeting

The City of Greensburg City Council met on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 at 6:30 p.m.

The meeting began with the approval of the April 9, 2024 meeting minutes.

Sarah Hamer, Building Commissioner, introduced Ordinance 2024-07 to amend Ordinance 2023-23 Unified Development Ordinance for its second reading. The City Council members did approve the Ordinance 2024-07 upon its second reading.

John Bryant, Veridus Group, came to the board to provide a monthly update on the Municipal Complex Project. Under the site work update he detailed that final grading and seeding were completed at the retention pond, shared parking and Street Department asphalt and striping are complete, fine grading and seeding are scheduled for Mid-June for the rest of the Municipal Campus, and the Barachel cul-de-sac rough grading is ongoing and they are waiting for the site to dry out from last rain. 

The City of Greensburg Fire Station project update includes the installation of the new signage, completed ceilings, and finishing flooring on the second floor, and they are currently painting the ceiling on the second floor. 

The City of Greensburg Street Department update included lockers and casework are completed, they are currently working through the punch list, Furniture was installed on May 13th, The fiber is to be installed on  May 21st, and the cameras and card readers are to be installed next week.

Overall the project is coming along. John was happy to say the project continues to be within budget and the project remains on schedule with an approximate completion date in late June 2024.

Bryan Robbins, EDC Director, came to the City Council meeting representing Valeo Engine Cooling with Resolution 2024-06 Tax Abatement Request and Resolution 2024-07 Tax Abatement Request. Both of these requests are for Personal Property Taxes.  Bryan stated that these two tax abatement requests have been reviewed by the Tax Abatement Review Committee and they have been recommended to be approved for the 5-year abatement period. Valeo has asked to keep the two requests separate for accounting reasons. The abatements presented will create 11 jobs with a salary of  $28 per hour and retain 30 jobs. The City Council approved both Resolutions unanimously.

Bryan provided an EDC update stating that all CF-1 forms are due tomorrow for abatements. Bryan stated that the EDC is speaking with a child care provider that could come to the community and provide additional childcare opportunities. Brian provided a READI 2.0 update stating that there will be an IEDC meeting at the end of May to go over the projects in the region. Bryan also provided an update on READI 1.0 stating that regionally over half of the funds have been distributed and that our region is on track to be one of the best in the state with what is occurring with the distribution and the funding opportunities. 

Amy Bornes, Clerk-Treasurer, was absent from the meeting, with Mayor Josh Marsh filling in to present a request for approval for Ordinance 2024-9 Establishing a Purchasing Policy for Federal Grants. Mayor Marsh states that this is from the direction of the State Board of Accounts. The City Council approved this request on its 1st reading, then approved suspending the rules, and then approved the request on its 2nd reading. 

Mayor Josh Marsh then asked for approval for Amy Bornes to make a one-time correction on outstanding adjustments on the bank reconciliation. Mayor Josh Marsh added that just one year ago they were over nearly $200,000 in differences that required forensic accounting to find the concerns and correct them. At this time they are $3,071.14 off of the balance. This has gone through three audits and Amy is asking for the Council to approve the adjustment to make this back to even. The City Council approved to make the one-time correction. 

Mayor Marsh stated that Amy will be reimbursing the city for an airline ticket purchase that was for her to attend a conference, however, this conference will be occurring at the same time the city will be going under an audit.  Mayor Marsh stated that Amy would like to be present for the audit instead of attending the conference.

Zah Wirrig, Director of Public Projects,  provided an update on the Franklin Street Reconstruction Project and stated that as of this past Monday, the road is closed. However, he did say that all businesses continue to be open, and the completion date for this project is September 1st. 

Zach also provided an update on the CCMG  2024-01 Award by stating they were awarded what they had asked for to complete the Washington Street Project. He added that they hope to receive the funding in July. The bidding process for this project will begin in June.

Mayor Marsh reminded all in attendance that Heavy Trash is  May 20th-24th. He reminded everyone that it is for residential customers in the city of Greensburg and that there is no construction material allowed.

The City Council appointed Dr. Jon Dooley to the City of Greensburg School Board. 

The meeting was adjourned. 

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