Court News

From the Decatur County Prosecutor’s Office

Stacy Hess was sentenced on October 23rd by Judge Tim Day in the Decatur Circuit Court, after pleading guilty on September 29th to Level 4 Felony Dealing in Methamphetamine and admitting to being an Habitual Offender. The parties entered a plea agreement in which Hess was sentenced to 19 years, with 13 years in prison and 6 on
The State was represented by Prosecuting Attorney Nate Harter in the case. Harter noted that Hess’s criminal history includes four misdemeanors and several felonies; Escape as a Level 5 Felony; Burglary, Class C Felony; Theft (15 counts), Class D Felony; Theft, Class D Felony; Burglary, Class B Felony; Dealing in a Look-a-like Substance,
Class C Felony; Receiving Stolen Property, Class D Felony; Receiving Stolen Auto Parts, Class D Felony;
Receiving Stolen Auto Parts, Class D Felony; and Burglary, Class C Felony.
“This conviction is the last in a series of interconnected dealing cases, taking down a spiderweb of people dealing poison into our community. Greensburg Police Department and the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department were both intimately involved in solving these cases, including Ms. Hess’s,” said Harter. “I am pleased to see law enforcement working together to combat the trafficking of dangerous drugs in our community.”
Harter expressed satisfaction with the outcome. “Ms. Hess is going to have roughly a decade behind bars to think about her previous choices and what she might do differently in the future.”

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