DCMH Awards Scholarships to Local Students

Considering the importance and complexities of high-quality health
care in today’s society, it is critical for bright, talented people to be encouraged to pursue professions in the
healthcare field. With that in mind, Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) established a scholarship
program designed for students interested in a career in health care.

These scholarships support future leaders in their efforts to earn a high-quality education. DCMH has been
committed to helping prepare healthcare professionals for the future and offers a scholarship program as a
recruitment tool and a community service.

This past month, DCMH awarded eight $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors in Decatur County. They are:
 Allison Boilanger – University of Southern Indiana
 Grace Hartman – Marian University
 Jenna Geis – Purdue University
 Blane Redd – Purdue University
 Kae-Lynn Lowe – Marietta College
 Emma DeWeese – Indiana State University
 Hannah Messer – Indiana University
 Megan Reisman – University of Indianapolis
President & CEO, Rex McKinney shared, “DCMH is happy to support local students interested in healthcare.
We are committed to helping the younger generation succeed in this career path and are behind them every
step of the way.”
Congratulations to all eight scholarship winners. DCMH is excited to see where your education will lead you.
For more information about DCMH, visit www.dcmh.net.

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