DCMH invests in Patient-Centric Technology

(Greensburg, Ind. – January 26, 2021) Decatur County Memorial Hospital recently completed a major upgrade to its patient monitoring and telehealth systems, investing in technology that will lead to improved patient care and improving staff efficiencies.

Bedsides monitoring vital signs of all in-patient rooms from a central monitoring station, the new system alerts clinicians via mobile of any changes which may need to be checked. The non-invasive technology is located at every bedside, eliminating the burden for nursing staff to spend time locating important equipment. This initiative also allows DCMH to maintain the safety of its patients during this critical time in health care. 

In addition, a newly released patient safety platform — Masimo SafetyNet™ — allows the DCMH care management nurses to monitor the health status of patients remotely. The telehealth solution combines clinically proven Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ pulse oximetry with a cloud-based remote data capture and surveillance platform accessible from a patient’s Android or iOS smartphone or smart device. Daily check-ins including monitoring vital statistics and symptoms allow care managers to recognize and treat issues prior to patients fully realizing the problem. 

With Masimo SafetyNet, DCMH can now send patients home with the security of the patient and their provider knowing their critical vital signs such as oxygen saturation and respiration rate will be safely monitored at home. This technology also serves as a cost-effective way to scale monitoring and increase capacity for hospitals. 

This advanced technology serves multiple purposes, according to CEO Rex McKinney. “Patient safety and care is a top priority at DCMH. With this technology, we are able to decrease unnecessary visits to the emergency room, lower readmission rates and increase access to DCMH healthcare providers,” he said. “Sharing this data with a primary care physician can provide valuable information to guide the care plan for chronically ill patients.” 


Founded in 1922, Decatur County Memorial Hospital provides a wide range of valuable services to the community including high-value patient-centered care, leadership and education. DCMH is accredited by the DNV GL (International Healthcare Accreditation). To learn more about our history, management and services, visit dcmh.net or call 812-663-4331.

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