DCMH testimonial


A self-professed skeptic of doctors and healthcare workers, Lonnie Lacey, achieved life-
changing results that all started with one introduction.
Dr. Alunday introduced Lonnie to Matt Weber, PharmD, during Lonnie’s regular
wellness appointment – the meeting that changed Lonnie’s life.
Matt Weber is the Ambulatory Care Pharmacist at DCMH. Matt assists providers by
helping them monitor their patients’ A1C levels and provides education and support to
those patients as part of the Diabetes Education & Management initiatives undertaken
by DCMH. Before Lonnie’s appointment, Matt noticed Lonnie had a
longstanding elevated A1C level. It was in the high 9s when they first met. The
goal A1C, per the American Diabetes Association, is 7% or lower. Lonnie having a high
A1C increased his risk of long-term diabetes complications like blindness, nerve
damage, stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. Each 1-point reduction in A1C is
associated with a 21% reduction in death related to diabetes, a 14% reduction in heart
attack, and a 37% reduction in microvascular complications (eye damage, nerve
damage, kidney damage).
Lonnie and Matt began meeting one-on-one in June 2023 to establish health goals and
outline a plan to achieve them. “If not for Matt’s help, the next step for me would’ve
likely been having to go on insulin. That’s something I really didn’t want,” said Lonnie.
By Lonnie’s appointment in September 2023, he had dropped to 5.8 A1C level.
Lowering his A1C level by ~4 points dramatically reduced his risks of complications.
When asked what steps he took to improve his numbers, Lonnie said, “It was a
combination of things. Having appointments with Matt where I learned how to eat
properly helped. I also got on the right medications. Matt even made sure they were
affordable with my insurance. I reached my goal faster than I thought possible.”  Lonnie

shared that the “results really speak for themselves. Through these simple changes, I
lost 30 pounds and I don’t feel restricted with the diet.”
Changing lifestyle habits can be challenging, but Lonnie shared, “Matt made it so
simple. We found a solution together that works for me. I get to eat the foods I like but
don’t have to quit enjoying living. I didn’t have to give up any food I ate before meeting
with Matt to be successful.”
Not only did Lonnie and Matt have regularly scheduled appointments from June to
September, but Matt also monitored Lonnie’s levels remotely through a continuous
glucose-monitoring sensor. When Lonnie’s blood glucose levels were higher or spiked,
Matt proactively reached out to discuss and assess the reasons behind the elevation.
“You get so busy with life that it’s nice to have someone else helping watch out for you,
with you,” said Lonnie.
“It’s a common misconception that you have to cut all carbohydrates and sugars. But
that’s where we worked together to better portion his meals. Lonnie still ate what he
loved, but added in more greens and protein. We fit these changes around his life. I am
impressed with how fast Lonnie brought down his A1C levels after being so high, for so
long,” said Matt Weber.
Lonnie has a new outlook on the next 10-20 years of his life and is excited to enjoy it
alongside his family, who cannot help but notice the changes in him as well. “I don’t see
how you couldn’t also reach results if you’re following Matt’s recommendations.”
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