Decatur County Animal Control Board Meeting

The Decatur County Animal Control Board met on February 13, 2024, at 5:00 pm. The meeting began with the approval of November and January’s meeting minutes.

Minde Myers, Shelter Director provided a Treasurer’s Report. She then went into her Animal Control Report stating that she did have a correction to last month’s meeting minutes that between August 2023 and December 2023, the shelter had sent 15 dogs out to rescue and 136 cats throughout the year. Minde stated that during January the shelter had intakes of 40 cats and 33 dogs from the County. Then City intakes were 15 cats and 12 dogs. The Animal Control runs were 13 incidents in the county with 2 animals picked up, and 10 incidents in the city, and 2 animals picked up. Minde did discuss that she continues to not have to euthanize (unless due to health) due to the partnerships created with shelters and other shelters. 

The shelter is currently planning to begin a Trap, Neuter, and Release (TNR) program on April 1, 2024. Minde stated that more information would be forthcoming to the public before the beginning of that program. 

Minde told the board of her partnerships that have been made with other shelters where they transfer dogs. During January they transferred 5 dogs to another shelter and took 5 dogs into our shelter. Of the 5 that were transferred out had been at our shelter for an extended amount of time. They have already adopted 4 of the 5 dogs and the 5th dog is currently in foster with that agency. This is allowing the dogs more of a chance to be seen by more people which increases their ability to be adopted. 

Minde said that she is working with the Information Technology team on choosing the GPS that will be installed in the county-provided truck to the shelter. The new phones have been ordered for the shelter, so they can connect to an internet-based phone provider. Which will eliminate the phone bill at the shelter. The shelter is currently evaluating how and if they are going to make changes to the Animal Control Officer’s on-call hours. 

The board discussed the Friends of the Greensburg & Decatur County Animal Shelter’s Car Show that will occur on May 4, 2024, 11 am-4 pm at the Fairgrounds parking area next to the shelter. All funds raised will be used to support the animals at the shelter. Also, they are planning a Jeep Ride in August with additional information coming on that. 

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for March 12. 2024 5:00 pm at City Hall.

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