Decatur County Area Plan Commission

The Decatur County Area Plan Commission met on Wednesday.

Jesse Cameron requested to rezone approx. 2.483 acres from an A-1 to a B-2 zoning classification for the construction of storage units. Cameron feels that since most storage units in town are full that this would be a good business opportunity. This would fall under spot zoning as there are no other b zones in the area. This would be a fenced in area and would be open 24/7. Kipper and Christy Hall are neighbors who were present at the meeting. They are concerned about safety, traffic, and floodlights as they are directly across the street from the proposed site. They believe that this goes against everything that the Comprehensive plan stands for. They are also concerned about the changing aesthetic of the area and if their quiet home will turn noisy. Christy Hall then read letters from several concerned neighbors. Most letters were concerned since they had moved out to the country to be away from commercial business and if there would be heavy traffic. One letter came from a neighbor who owns storage units of their own and said that they can be more trouble than not. Arthur Alunde was another neighbor present. He had lived in that area for 20 years and frequently walks the road with his 3 year old grandson. He doesn’t want to see more traffic since people already drive way too fast there. The road is already falling apart and is not made for heavy traffic. The property is owned by the the petitioner in Greensburg, Washington Township. Petition 2021-01 was denied.

Matthew Stone requested to subdivide up to 8 acres out of 41 acres and rezone 2.99 acres from an A-1 to an A-2 zoning classification for a single family detached dwelling. This will most likely be on well water. The property is owned by Bruns Legacy/Susan Jost in Greensburg, Marion Township. Petition 2021-02 was approved.

Executive Director Bryan Robbins with the Economic Development corporation of Greensburg/ Decatur county requested the board come up with some sort of solar ordinance. It is no longer a matter of if but a matter of when solar power will come to Decatur County. He would like something in place to protect the community while also allowing new opportunities to thrive off of the venture. The board agreed that they need to address this.

Morgan Schofield


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