Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals

The Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals met on Wednesday.

Jeffrey Krekeler requested a conditional use in an A-2 zoning classification to run a small mechanic shop. This would be a small business with no employees and the petitioner’s parents own 3 of the sides surrounding his property. There were neighbors in the audience who wanted to voice concerns. These neighbors live adjacent to the property and built their house in that location for both privacy and serenity. As time went on, Krekeler built a large home an shop on his property and added shipping containers an trailers. Due to this, their property value has gone down because of noise and poor scenery. There is also a drain in the barn that outlets onto their property- which the neighbors gave permission for but only for the home to drain out and not the barn. Residents of New Point have called the courthouse complaining about the number of cars and the traffic. The property is owned by the petitioner in Greensburg, Salt Creek Township. Petition 2021-8 was approved on a 6 month conditional use with the following conditions: trees no smaller than 3 inches in diameter are to be planted on the property line for privacy, there will be a maximum of 10 vehicles on the lot at any time, and that the drain will be taken care of.

Kimberly Livingston requested a conditional use in an R-2 zoning classification to operate “Massage and Body by Kim, LLC” in the residence. They have parking in the back with an alleyway that leads there. Livingston is both licensed and insured for massage therapy. The property is owned by the petitioner in St. Paul, Adams Township. Petition 2021-10 was approved with 1 member abstaining.

Emily Redleman with Redelman’s Deals on Wheels came to the board to discuss changes made to their property after the last meeting. They have done a lot of work on the property. $1,500 in gravel has been added and they are looking to add more, all parts cars are gone, and parts have been picked up. The only cars left of the property are for sale or being worked on. People have noticed it looks better, however they are nervous it won’t stay this way. The board wants to make sure the property stays nice for the benefit of the community and for Redleman. All viable complaints received will be passed on to Redleman for guidance. The board appreciated what had been done to the property.

Morgan Schofield


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