Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday.

Mark Mohr gave an update. There will be a small structure replacement East of Newpoint. They requested to replace a loader that is not functioning as well as a truck with new equipment. They are in good shape with the cash balance to purchase the new equipment. This was approved to go to county council. During the last snow removal they received some complaints and they requested that the offices take the name and address of the caller rather than just the township so that they can be more specific on the areas that need to be fixed. The commissioners thanked the highway department for getting the roads back to working order as quickly as possible during the winter storm.

For county employees to find out whether the county is going red or not during a winter storm, they will need to check their county email. Department heads are also in charge of getting in contact with their department to update them. The WTRE website also posts all weather updates and cancellations/closings on the website as we become notified.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 30 building inspections, 13 new building permits, and 3 red tags- 2 on final inspections and 1 on a home that was unfinished and sold to another owner. The new owner will need to come in and get a remodel permit to finish the home. The first floor has been inspected and approved to be occupied while the second floor has been closed off until it is finished.

Andy Scholle came to the board representing Robert Schwering to vacate an alley in Milford. Schwering owns all 8 lots that surround the alley. They plan to get a new home and need to move the septic to the other side of the alley , which they will not be permitted to do unless it is vacated. The 8 lots will also be combined into 1 parcel. This was approved.

Lauren Huffmeyer and Tom Barker came to the board to request the use of the courthouse for the bicentennial. The historical society is putting together a tour for historically significant places in each township and they would like to feature the courthouse within the Washington Township tour. This would be from noon-5 on May 21. This was approved.

Strand and Associates presented the engineering service agreement for the highway department design project. This was approved.

Megan Lanning Bodder was appointed to the Health Board. Tom Depalma, Larry Kemin, and Gorden Burgess were appointed to the Lake Santee Waste and Water District.

The United Fund requested to use the courthouse lawn for the Strawberry Festival on June 10. This was approved.

The board will be advertising the lawn care bids in the Greensburg Daily News. These applications are available in the auditors office.

Sheriff Durant came to the board to announce that they will be holding the annual memorial for Sheriff Navarra at the Sheriffs office.

Morgan Schofield


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