Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday.

Mark Mohr gave an update. They have been doing sub-base failure work and have been running 4 patching crews because of the nice weather. There was a structure closed on CR 800 E just south of Newpoint due to damage. This month they will be finding out the results for Community Crossing Grant 2022-01.

Krista Duvall presented ordinance 2021-4 which was approved. Ordinance 2022-6 was also presented. This has an unfavorable recommendation from the APC. The worry was shared between the commissioners and the APC about the B-3 zoning and the variety of businesses that can be put in in the future. The commissioners tabled this to discuss further with the APC.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 47 building inspections, 14 new building permits, and a cleanup letter was given to a property owner. This property owner plans to call the commissioners.

Hannah Gardet held the second public hearing for a SIRCP grant to be used for small businesses. The county has been awarded funds which will be administered soon.

Ordinance 2022-03 will be for separate funds used for the fairgrounds.

Sheriff Durant came to the board to discuss road closures for the mandatory EVOC training. This would be CR 250 W between Base Road and Vandalia Road and would be closed from May 26-June 6. They contacted everybody who farms or lives on that road and have had no objections. Keeping training local would save the county $8,000 on gas and other expenses. Butch Wilson came to the board to state his objection to it. Wilson does not farm or live on the road but does occasionally have to travel it. They want to know why they have to have it closed for so long and over a holiday weekend. They would also like to know if the neighboring counties using the course will be paying. The answer is no they will not be as it keeps the 2 way street for other county support open. Another question Wilson had was why 24 hours a day. The answer to that is they have to do night training as well as keep the course open with instructors for all 3 shifts for deputies. The commissioners commended the Sheriff for coming in this early to give people the proper amount of time to prepare. It will take 8 hours of training per person and there will be 100-130 officers trained by the end of it. This was approved.

The mowing bid for the Courthouse and the highway department was awarded to Doug Banks.

The commissioners are currently putting together a fair committee. Anyone interested should contact them.

Morgan Schofield


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