Decatur County Commissioners Meeting

The Decatur County Commissioners meeting began at 8 am. Normal procedures were followed including the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer. The minutes from the last meeting, claims, and payroll were all approved. 

Todd Hauk, Decatur County Highway Department stated that all Requests for Proposals and Letter of Interests have been received for whom the county will contract to conduct bridge inspections. United Consulting Engineers scored the highest and will be providing inspections for years 2025 through 2028. Todd stated that the Community Crossing Grant will be submitted by the end of the week. The Highway Garage has almost completed its move. Todd states that he is drafting a Line of Sight Ordinance and he will be getting with the county attorney to finalize that draft so it can be voted on at the next Commissioners meeting. Also, he and his team are working on ways to be proactive with pavement drop-offs and will have more information at the next meeting, 

Christy Smiley, Deputy Auditor stated that the Auditor’s office is working on finalizing all components of the new time clock for the Decatur County Highway Garage. Christy stated that switching to a data-driven system that syncs with the county’s bookkeeping, will save sometimes up to a full day of entering timecards. She stated that eventually, this is something other departments within the county could switch to. The Commissioners stated that anything they can do to streamline the process they are interested in looking into it. 

Mark Koors, Commissioner stated that he received an email from Hickory Mental Health with the contract attached this morning, he forwarded the contract to the county attorney for review. This contract will be voted on at the next Commissioners meeting. Mark also stated that Strand & Associates submitted an invoice for $3,000 for December. This was approved. The meeting was adjourned.

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