Decatur County Commissioners statement concerning move to red status on Indiana’s metric maps

The State of Indiana will be stepping back from Stage 5 starting Sunday, November 15 under a new executive order from Governor Eric Holcomb, which was announced during the Governors weekly press conference. As of today, the executive order has not been released publicly and details are not available at this time, so the Decatur County Health Department is waiting on additional documentation and further recommendation from the State of Indiana to make any further announcements or recommendations for businesses and residents.

Decatur Countys red status is based on the four color-coded metrics map, available at To clarify- the red status given to us by the Indiana Department of Health is very different from the red travel restriction implemented by the Decatur County Commissioners back in the spring.

When more information becomes available regarding this new executive order, the details and recommendations for Decatur County will come from the Decatur County Health Department.

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