Decatur County Community Schools Board of Education

The Decatur County Community Schools Board of Education met on Wednesday.

All conference attendance and field trips were approved. The resignations of Jamie Meadows- South Decatur and Austin Ortman- North Decatur were approved. The hirings of Carmelita Boone- North Decatur, Alyson Thackery- South Decatur, and Courtney O’Shaunessy- North Decatur Athletics were approved.

The extra effort award for North Decatur Elementary School went to the 6th grade teachers. The 3 teachers do an amazing job working with the kids of the school. They have gone above and beyond with writing grants, entering contests, working on the rocket club/star lab, and working with NASA to get astronaut call-ins. The extra effort award for North Decatur High School went to Tracey Smith. They have done excellent work in the library this year setting up displays, organizing, and getting new reading materials. They get kids excited and are ready to help in a classroom at the drop of a hat.

The NDHS Library Grant Request with the Decatur County Community Foundation was approved. The snow removal bid of $90 an hour if needed was approved. The administrative and classified salary increase was approved. The disposal of obsolete equipment was approved. All student fundraisers were approved. All donations for the schools totaling in $4,050 were accepted.

Rob Smith gave an update on North Decatur Elementary School. Matt Boersma taught Tree City Martial Arts activities for 2 weeks during PE and there were no visits to the nurse during that time. Girls Basketball has started. The parent-teacher conferences were excellent and they had 100% attendance. They are having Breakfast Buddies and the Bookfair currently. They are working on updating the playground equipment and have had 1 field trip this year, with another happening next week. Their Halloween Parties will be on Friday, October 29.

Debbie Reynolds gave an update on North Decatur High School. They are having a blood drive this week and students who donate will be paid $25. Any students with “O” blood will be paid an extra $20 if they donate. Next week they will be having PSAT tests for juniors and seniors and ASVAB tests for juniors. They are currently working on the senior class shirts and are bringing back the senior class wall. Spirit club is back this year and the band program is being rebuilt with its new director. The school play will be November 13-15. Their Halloween Celebration is on October 28. The Veteran’s Day Program is on November 11. Their Yule Tide is on December 11.

Morgan Schofield


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