Decatur County Council meets 12/19/23

Decatur County Council Agenda
December 19, 2023, 9:00 A.M.

Review of November minutes
 Dorene Greiwe, Assessor- Supplement Pay
 Janet Howell, Clerk (represented by Patricia Louagie)- Deputy
 Dottie Robbins, Recorder- Longevity/Experience Pay
 Sheriff Bill Meyerrose- Grant for Dash Cams & Bi-Annual
Commissary Report
 Sean Durbin, Health Dept.-Plan for 2024 Funding from State
 Michelle Guidice- Updates on Life Time (Cath-a-Ride)
 Funds/Budget for Solar Eclipse Events

Topics: Additionals & Transfers, Election of Officers, 2024 Meeting

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