Decatur County Fair Board

The Decatur County Fair Board met on Monday.

There were several requests made for ground rental. The first was for the Labor Day Classic requesting to use the livestock pavilion for 3 nights. There were mentions of the mess they left behind the last time they rented and if it would be alright to include a clean up policy for campers staying at the event. The board approved for the pavilion to be rented for 3 nights for $1,500. The next was from Miss Morrow and Miss Mitchell to put together and hold a home show in the commercial building. They would rent out booths for different vendors and the extra money will be used to hold a small fundraiser for special olympics. The board approved for the commercial building to be rented for $200. There was a request to use the home and garden building from July 15-17 for a coon hunt. This was approved.

Stacey Schutte came to the board asking if dairy kids would be allowed to go through the auction just as the other animals, whether it be the actual animal or just a product. The reason they haven’t had dairy cattle in the auction in the past is because they aren’t typically market animals. This will be further discussed at the next livestock meeting.

The board approved the Secretary report. The parade theme this year will be “Decatur County Fair 2021: Moo-ving on”. The board approved the treasurers report.

There was an update on the grounds and track. A lot still needs to be done to prepare the track for the fair and there was a discussion on where the water tank should be placed.

There was an update given by 4-H. They discussed the kids who were signed up for trips and took care of ribbons. There will be no barn dance and all 10 year members will have banners this year instead of plaques. The 10 year member dinner will be July 8.

There was an update given by the Homemakers. There will be no food entries for open class at the fair and there will also be no cupcake eating contest. There were more than 300 people who showed up for the Traveling Tomb of the Unknown Soldier put on by the DAR.

The commissioners created a committee for the CARES Act money and are deciding on the plan for allocating the funds.

Morgan Schofield


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