Decatur County Fair Board

The Decatur County Fair Board met on Monday.

The final treasurers report was gone over prior to the meeting.

The Internet bill for February and March still needs to be paid as well as the $140 fee for the ice chest. The county agreed to absorb these costs.

The board approved the Tom Swain funds, as well as an additional $2,000 from the fair board account, to be transferred to Joyce Holcamp who is in charge of the event. The board approved the auction account funds to be transferred to the 4-H Council.

There are 2 roads the board can take. The first is to stay a 501C3 and take a step back while maintaining ownership over their funds and assets. The second is to disband. If they were to remain a 501C3 they would rent the pens and any other equipment needed to the 4-H Council for $1. However, this brings up the question of if the assets would be allowed to stay on the fairgrounds for storage or if they would need to find a new place for storage. The other problem is that the pens are not insured.

The commissioners still plan to move forward with no involvement from the currently structured fair board.

The board brought up the accusations that were made by the commissioners. These accusations have been proven false and a commissioner was present with the accountants to go over the documents. The board wanted to know why they still wanted them gone even if the accusations were proven false. The commissioner present responded that it was an issue with transparency that made them feel as though theft was a possibility, as well as building projects they feel as though they should be in charge of. The commissioner also stated that they have never seen the documents proving the accusations false, so they aren’t sure if they are real or if they should believe it. The board was confused by the transparency point of the argument, as a county council and county commissioner have always sat on the fair board. The board is worried about stories getting switched and double standards throughout this process.

The board approved for them to stay in tact as a 501C3 where they keep the funds and assets, 4-H Council gets to use any pens or equipment they need for the fair and they will meet 1 a year. The board approved for all duties of the fairgrounds, including the Decatur County Fair, to be relinquished to the commissioners.

Morgan Schofield


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