Decatur County Fair Board

The Decatur County Fair Board met on Monday.

The board approved the Secretary report. The board approved the treasurers report.

There was an update given from the livestock meeting. They updated the livestock ground p-forms and discussed getting individual bank accounts for each species. There had been interest from the community in a wether dam goat class being added which was. A family was interested in having their mini 4-H’er helping with showing a calf during the fair. They signed a waiver and were approved.

There was an update on the grounds and track. As of now, everything is still on in regards to having a fair. There are events at the track in June and September, and they also discussed insurance for events. They have the possibility of applying for funds through the United Fund, since they have Covid funds that need to be used.

The Homemakers gave an update. They had their International Night and District Day which both went well. They are focusing on open class and have cut foods from the project list, however everything else is still a go. It was approved for the homemakers and 4-H council to purchase ribbons together.

The commissioners informed the board that the EMA has 400 gallons of liquid sanitizer to donate. The commissioners were also asked if they think the plot of land chosen for the new highway department was a good choice considering the fair and how many children are in that area.

The 4-H council gave an update. They had discussed using only one building this year, however majority felt as though it needed to remain the same. The building will now be revamped and projects be rearranged to have them look fuller and newer. Their app payment if fully complete. The council made the several requests. They would like Beverly Wilson to paint her designs in the headquarters building, in the livestock barn on both the bleachers and the walls near the bathrooms, the restrooms near the Pits, and the ends and doors of the headquarters building. These were approved as long as designs are submitted and pass with the board. They also requested for Beverly to have a spot in the rabbit barn to paint cutouts of 4-H members live during the fair. This was approved. They requested approval to paint project names and ribbons along the walls of the community building. This was approved.

The board was approved for a grant of $15,000 from the Community Foundation for the purchase of tables and chairs.

Danny Peters discussed with the board the American Rescue Plan. The county is receiving money later in the year and if the board itemizes their loss from 2019-2020 they have a chance to get reimbursed.

Morgan Schofield


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