Decatur County Fair Committee Meeting 5-20-24

The Decatur County Fair Committee met for their monthly meeting on May 20, 2024, at 6 pm. 

Mark Koors presented a quote that he received from Designed Sound to replace the PA Mixer, and two large speakers, and re-wire the system at the Horse Arena. This was approved. 

Bonita Hellmich received a few more pieces of information and is waiting for a list of sponsors and the fair books will be sent to be printed. Mark Koors said he would get the list of sponsors to her shortly. Bonita said that she will be on WTRE Radio on June 10th & June 26th to talk about the Open Class. Bonita completed inventory on the items from last year that she needs for the open class and stated that she needs a few more items. It was approved that she would purchase them and submit the receipts to the County Auditor for reimbursement. 

The fair committee spoke about parking for the fair. To ease the flow of traffic a map will be drawn in the coming weeks showing parking. 

Christopher Fogle spoke about the future need to keep the barns clean inside as the county rents them out for weddings. At this time they hire a powerwashing company to come in after the fair and clean them. Christopher suggested the Fairgrounds and possibly 4-H work together to get a floor scrubber to complete this task. 

Barbara Waechter said that she received a message from the 2023 State of Indiana State Fair Queen asking to be a part of the parade. Chris Ramey said that he would be glad to add her to the lineup with the royalty entries. Barbara also asked Mark Koors to attend the Decatur County Queen Pageant on June 28, 2024, at 7 pm to discuss and promote the fair. 

Bill Metz provided an update for all vendors to come to the fairgrounds on June 1, 2024, from 9a-11a to discuss available spots and to get contracts completed. Bill Metz and Danny Peters will be available in the Headquarters office. 

Chris Ramey said that currently, he has 46 entries registered for the parade. Chris received approval for the fair entry awards as in years past. The 2024 Parade Awards will be:

Overall Enthusiasm- $50

Overall Creativity- $50

Memorializing Tom Swain & his contribution- $50

4-H Theme- $50

The parade line-up will begin at 1 pm and will begin at 3 pm. The parade will leave Ireland Street, turn right onto Park Road, and proceed down Park Rd between the Fairgrounds and the City Park, if the entry has to offload riders then they will turn left by the Decatur County Extension Office. If the entry would like to leave the fairgrounds they will be turning right towards Main Street. If you have not registered yet. Please get with Chris via email

A concern discussed during the meeting was unauthorized entry into the pit area. Some individuals claimed to be volunteering and accessed the Pit Area without paying. This year all individuals volunteering will have a verification method. To ensure the right individuals access the area without paying. 

Mark Koors said that the plan at this time is to complete the approval process and finish the new access road to the pit area to reduce traffic going into the areas with people walking and to help ease traffic. 

Jeremy Pasel provided a brief update of the new plans for the Committee. After the 2024 fair, the Commissioners intend to create a Fair Committee Board for the 2025 fair. The new board will be created with appointees selected by Council, Commissioner, and Purdue Extension. This board will be in charge of the fair only. The commissioners will maintain control of the fairgrounds. All money that is earned or spent through the Fair Board will go through the county Auditor’s office. This plan is still being created and will be presented at a later date. 

The meeting was adjourned.

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