Decatur County Fair Committee Meeting

The Decatur County Fair Committee met on Monday, February 19, 2024, at 6:00 pm. 

The committee will begin to review the fair book to make start making changes for the 2024 fair. Bonita Hellmich, Purdue Extension office secretary stated that there will be some changes to the Open Class. Due to busy schedules and individuals moving there is currently no one on the Open Class Committee. The following schedule was provided:

Monday, July 8th- 5p-7p-Early entry for any open class that needs to be entered early

Tuesday, July 9th- 9a-11a- entry of all open class crafts, photography, and showing your talents. Judging will be at 1 pm

Wednesday, July 10th- 9a-11a-entry of open class flowers, plants, garden, and food preservation projects. Judging will be at 1 pm

Thursday, July 11th- 9a-11a- entry of cookies for open class cookie contest. Judging will be at 1 pm

Saturday July 12th- 8:30a- Baby Show

While Bonita was speaking she stated that she would like to have the display cases in the Farm & Home Building painted before the fair. Mark Koors, Commissioner stated that he will be getting with Jake Baumer, Fairgrounds Manager on getting this added to his pre-fair to-do list. Bonita also asked that someone be available for clean-up of the Home & Farm Building each evening. 

Mark Koors stated that they have a construction crew who will be getting started soon to install 16ft garage doors on both ends of the Hoop Barn. The Commissioners approved the installation of a ventilation fan to allow for airflow within the building. The Committee then discussed installing a carport over the cattle wash area for a price of $5,595.00 including installation. The committee agreed this is a good idea and can be beneficial to those showing cattle. The committee discussed at the last meeting that the semi-trailers are beyond use and repair at this time. Mark brought the committee an estimate and an idea of purchasing two 40ft shipping containers that would be put end to end to allow for storage and those semi-trailers could be disposed of. The containers would come to a total of $2500 per container. The committee and commissioners agreed to move forward with this purchase. 

Matt Morris, 4H Council requested that 4 box outlets be installed on the north side of the goat barn. Mark stated that they would reach out to their electrician to have that installed. Also, a discussion about tie-offs for animals in the cattle wash area. Mark Koors stated that he may have the ability to get some and that he would be going to take a look at barricades that could be used for this later this week. He will provide an update at the next meeting. Matt said that last year there was an issue with the internet capabilities in the Rabbit Barn. Jeremy Pasel and Mark Koors said to contact the IT department and they would be able to troubleshoot this issue. Matt then stated that he spoke to those who are involved with Horses and they stated that the horse barn roof is leaking and asked that it be fixed. Also, the poles at the ground level are rotted and need to be replaced. The commissioners and committee agreed that the barn is aging and that they would take a look at a fix before the fair. Mark stated that the county will know about READI funding around April and that the barn is on the list of things that they are looking to upgrade or repair. 

Matt requested to place a permanent board with pictures and information celebrating Tom Swain’s Showmanship winners throughout the years. The commissioners all agreed this would be okay to do. Chris Ramey, Parade Coordinator told them that he is working with community members organizing with those who have won in the past to attend the parade and that it might be a good time to get an updated picture for this board. 

Mark Koors stated that they have already begun conversations with businesses about getting equipment to borrow during the fair. 

Danny Peters, Booth Coordinator stated that June 1, 2024, 9a-11a will be booth sign-up day. If you are interested in a booth then this would be a good time to meet with him and Bill Metz. 

Chris Ramey, Parade Coordinator updated the committee stating that he has 30 entries already and the parade has a maximum of 120 entries this year. Chris said that he is working with community members to make sure the parade celebrates the Tom Swain Showmanship 50th anniversary. Chris also takes care of the fair Facebook page and stated that individuals are already showing interest in the fair. Chris said that as we move closer to the fair he would like to get permission to do Facebook ads. Last year he did $45 in ads and they reached 3500 people. 

A discussion of the 2024 fair book came up. Last year the committee ordered 800 books and had several left over. The committee agreed to reduce that order to 500 for 2024. 

The Fair Committee meetings are on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in the EMA meeting room at the Annex.

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