Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board

The Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board met on Thursday.

There was a financial review presented to the board. The admissions to the hospital were 95, just 7 under the budget, and there were 17 new births. The income for the month was $3.1 million which was 5.9% above the budget plan. The net loss for February was $23,000 due to snow, although the investments did well. This was approved. The finance committee gave a report. They reviewed the financial report. They are currently working on the PPE application for loan forgiveness, but it is currently on hold until the audit is over. The report was approved.

The planning committee gave a report. At their meeting, Doug Smith have a facility update. They went over preliminary designs for the physical therapy building. The report was approved. The quality committee gave a report. The sepsis compliance was at 97% which is higher than the national median. They reviewed general scores around patient satisfaction. The report was approved.

Rex McKinney gave a CEO update. They are welcoming the Covid decrease in the community and are celebrating 5,000 fully vaccinated people. There will be a safe Easter celebration held on Saturday. The medical arts plaza is doing well even with a small delay, and they are back on track. The Qfeedback system, which allows patients to give feedback on the quality of care they received, will soon be going to cross over into the women’s clinic as well. They believe this will be a good service to have for the clinic.

The capital requests were approved.

All 1 year provisional periods met were approved. All appointments to the medical staff were approved. The request for extended privileges was approved. All resignations from medical staff were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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