Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board

The Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board met on Thursday.

There was a financial report presented to the board. The inpatient admissions were up from the budgeted amount by 33. The birth rate was also up. There were decreases in the 2 clinics due to physicians on vacation last month. There has been a 10.3% increase in the budget to date. The report was approved.

The risk management committee gave a report. They reviewed the IT security plan as well as the risk assessment. They received updates on coding compliance and litigation cases. The report was approved.

The finance committee gave a report. They are waiting for information for the audit to be submitted to the auditors. They received a notice for forgiveness for PPE. They reviewed the capital requests. The report was approved.

Rex McKinney gave a CEO update. They have been extremely busy in the hospital however they are not at capacity. The staff has done an extraordinary job handling the recent surge of Covid cases. They encourage the community to get vaccinated. If you would like to make an appointment to be vaccinated call 812-222-0422. They had a women’s health screening event that had 59 participants. Over half made follow up appointments due to what was found during screenings. There was a facilities update. Their main priority now is the need for a physical therapy center. The rest of the clearings will be saved for future growth of the campus.

All capital requests were approved.

All 1 year provisional periods met were approved. All appointments to the medical staff were approved. All resignations from medical staff were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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