Decatur County Visitors Commission

The Decatur County Visitors Commission met on Thursday.

The grant committee reviewed the grant requests and gave their recommendation. Westport Main Street requested $5,000 for a new sign. The sign has been paid for by the Community Foundation and this money will go towards the groundwork necessary to place the sign. The board would like to see the logo created for Westport somewhere in the design. The recommendation for Westport Main Street was $2,359.34 dependent on them using some form of the logo in their sign. This was approved. Greensburg Main Street requested $1,500 for their Holiday Walk. There are lots of people who attend this event and it is very photographic. Historically speaking, the board has given out $750 for one day events and are trying to stay consistent. However, it was brought up by board members that not every one day event is the same and some bring in more tourism than others, such as the Lee Greenwood concert. There was also the discussion of if they should donate money to help support Santa, as hopefully they will be a guest at the Holiday Walk. The recommendation for the Greensburg Main Street Holiday Walk was $2,000 to help support Santa. This was approved.

John Pratt gave a Bicentennial update. They are thrilled to work with the Decatur County Community Foundation and are creating a sponsorship package. They are going to have a meeting with the Greensburg Daily News management team who is partnering with them. This month they have been focusing on tours. There will be cemetery, local, guided, unguided, and Underground Railroad tours and they would like to showcase a few agricultural tours. Pratt also gave an update on the Lee Greenwood Concert. The concert went well and they had a large audience. People came from all over Indiana, as well as from 5 other states.

Erica Gunn and Daniel Fayette gave a marketing update. Their monthly newsletter is out and they plan to have those available around town. Their biggest social media post so far has been the Lee Greenwood concert post.

The county council approved the 2022 budget.

The train visit will be on October 30 from 11-3.

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