Decatur County Visitors Commission

The Decatur County Visitors Commission met on Thursday.

A grant committee being created was approved.

Erica Gunn, Kennedy Weaver, and Daniel Fayette gave a marketing update. They introduced Jocelyn Vare with Propeller Marketing to give a presentation. The main focus was social media with involving strategy planning, paid media campaign, owned media strategy and schedule, and monthly performance reports. The monthly performance reports would include items such as top posts, visitors to the site, and campaign results upon completion. The total project fee from February 1- December 31 would be $12,400 and would not exceed that. They also suggested that they have a $45,000 paid media budget to work with. There was also a recommendation to only use digital forms of media and stay away from print and broadcasting advertising. The board asked if there was a shorter trial period or even a month by month version instead of going into a full year engagement. They’d like to work out the questions they have and further discuss a trial option.

The part time salary change for Erica Gunn was tabled at the County Council meeting. Kennedy Weaver and Philip Deiwert put together a well developed grant for the pirate park project for the Destination Development Grant. They should hear back before February 15. The executive committee is the same, however Kuyhlia Hulsbosch is the new Vice President. The DC visitors commission meeting have been moved to 12:30 but will stay on the same day.

Morgan Schofield


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