Decatur County Visitors Commission

The Decatur County Visitors Commission met on Thursday.

The grant committee reviewed the grant requests for the Greensburg Community Schools Chautauqua for $1,500 and a request for $5,000 from Mayasari. They recommended that the board approve. The board approved both grant requests in full.

There was a marketing update given by Erica Gunn, Daniel Fayette, and Kennedy Weaver. They had an epiphany in the past month when they realized that they had already been doing what most of the companies they had been interested in, for a broader marketing range, offered as services. They believe that they have positioned themselves well for the future. The billboard will be up on March 1. There has been an annual report created to be sent out that will show what tourism does and what has been accomplished. This will be available to anyone curious. They have been adding additionals to the website and they hope to add a landing page for pirate park.

The arts council will help with managing the amphitheater. The Indiana Arts Council grant has been closed out. They would like to eventually schedule a board retreat whether it be virtual or in person in the next few months. The would like to reimburse John Pratt for the work being done for the Greensburg/Decatur County Bicentennial in 2022.

The Parks Department standing line item grant was approved. The Main Street Greensburg standing line item grant was approved. The EDC standing line item grant was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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