Decatur County Visitors Commission Board Meeting

Decatur County Visitors Commission Board Meeting met for their February 15, 2024 meeting at noon. President Ryan Maddux called the meeting to order. 

The meeting minutes from the previous meeting were approved. The board also approved the agenda for the meeting. 

Philip Deiwert, Executive Director gave his Director’s report starting with the 2023 Inn Keepers Tax Report, Philip stated that the Innkeepers Tax revenue was $272,000 for 2023. This was a 12% increase over 2020-2022. He states that this is trending in the right direction and he feels we have recovered from the downturn that we saw during Covid-19. 

Philip and Erica Gunn, Marketing Director told the board that they participated in the Economic Development Corporation Opportunity Expo. They spoke about the students that came to the booth. Erica stated that they had several students who showed interest in Intern positions and even provided resumes. Overall they spoke very highly about the entire day and felt that it was a successful event overall. 

Philip then spoke about the Tourism Improvement District Bill in the State Legislature stating that he is waiting for more direction from the state before moving forward with this in Decatur County. He wants to wait for this to pass the Legislature. 

Erica Gunn, Marketing Director provided a marketing update for 2024. They are currently selling Solar Eclipse Glasses for $1.00 at the office. Erica said that she is working to get the Concert Series ironed out with the last musical act. Currently, they have several Food Trucks lined up for the event as well at Pirate Park. They have been placing ads in Travel Indiana in various areas including a section for Ampitheater’s they have taken the opportunity to highlight the Ampitheater here in Greensburg. Erica is finalizing Solar Eclipse Shirts. 

The board asked Deanna Burkart to provide an update on the Aquatic Center. Deanna stated that at the last County Council Meeting they voted to table the Food & Beverage Tax. She states that they currently have a survey available for what the public would like in a pool. Deanna said that at the last County Council Meeting they voted to move forward with a 5-6 million dollar starting amount that would allow RL Turner to move forward with drafting designs to bring back to the Council to start real conversations about the pool and how to move forward. She stated that the Parks & Rec Board will be voting to utilize money already put aside for the pool project for approximately $15,000 in design costs. 

The Bicentennial Alleyway Project is still being worked on and organized to move forward. 

Dawn Lowe, Greensburg Decatur County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director stated that they are having two information sessions at City Hall in the Muli purpose room. This will occur on February 22, 2024, at both 9:00 am and 5:30 pm. This is a free opportunity to hear from individuals who are involved with planning for the Solar Eclipse. This will include event planners and emergency Management representatives.

Philip asked the board for approval to allow volunteers to take training opportunities that will be paid for by the Tourism office. The board unanimously agreed that this would be left up to the discretion of the Executive Director. 

The Decatur County Cattle Battle had informally requested a grant for the cost of the Fairgrounds building rental. This event will be occurring in a month or so. The board respectfully declined the request at this time for this event.

The board agreed to purchase two tables at the Decatur County Memorial Hospital Gala. 

 The meeting was adjourned.

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