Dr. Jane Goodall to Virtually Inspire Greensburg Students

Chautauqua News from John Pratt

The 2020-21 school year will long be remembered for many reasons, but a small town high school in Indiana is trying to keep spirits up and create positive memories with their students by having them connect with a true living icon-Dr. Jane Goodall. Greensburg High School will be kicking off their spring inspirational Chautauqua with their most esteemed guest to date, and other Hoosier classrooms are invited to attend. The live Zoom will take place on Wednesday March 3rd from 12:30-2:00. Dr. Jane will give an uplifting talk from her home in England followed by a Q and A.

               Primatologist, Conservationist & Humanitarian

  • Began career working for Dr Louis Leakey, archaeologist & paleontologist
  • One of the first female primatologists in the late 1950s when the field was flooded with men
  • Researched chimpanzees in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park starting in 1960
  • Founded Jane Goodall Institute, a global wildlife & environment conservation organization
  • Founded Roots & Shoots Program, an organization helping young people develop solutions for environmental and humanitarian issues in their own communities
  • United Nations Messenger of Peace

The Greensburg Chautauqua is mirrored after the great Chautauqua movement so popular some 100 years ago. History’s great lecturers and musicians traveled to small towns all across the country to provide unique enlightenment. Helen Keller and William Jennings Bryan both spoke in Greensburg. U.S. History teacher John Pratt continues that tradition , and the next event will bring  guests from across the world once again. This will be the 26th  event and throughout the years has featured over 200 speakers from around the globe. This is the second virtual event. Chautauqua will also be hosting a spring live concert series.

Questions and classroom RSVP’s can be directed to organizer John Pratt at jopratt@greensburg.k12.in.us or 812-663-7176  Ext. 1213.

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