Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners

The Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners met on Monday.

There was a financial report given to the board. The total funds for all 3 accounts is $1,033,438.73.

Zach Weber with BF&S gave an update on run construction. They are 141 days into construction and have been behind schedule due to weather. The pipe installation is about 50% completed and the mass earth work is about 33% completed.

Collin Sullivan with BF&S discussed the next step of construction. Sullivan presented several action items to the board. The partial pay request #6 for AIP16 was approved. The contractors progress estimate #4 was approved. The application for the FA Grant was approved. The runway and paving project bids were in last week and the lowest bidder was Dave O’Mara Contractors. The board approved to take bids under advisement. The inspection agreement for the runway with BF&S was approved. They are putting together an application for $32,000 for the ARP grant.

There was an airport manager report. All hangars are full and the crop dusters have been purchasing lots of fuel. The board will need to consider what new mowing equipment they will need for the runway.

The payment of the bills was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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