Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners

The Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners met on Monday.

There was a financial report given to the board. The total funds for all 3 accounts is $497,195.88. There has been a little over $87,000 in interest paid.

Paul Shafer with BF&S gave an update on construction. We have had an extremely wet October which has set them behind. The contractor is currently trying to get everything back on track and pushing forward. Their main problem is getting the dirt on-site currently moved offsite and bringing in the offsite materials they need. If they cannot get this done before the end of fall, it will wait until spring. There was a neighbor of the airport present who brought up concerns about the silt build up and how parts of the airport’s land is a mess because of water. Shafer agreed that the erosion plan is not working and will need to be fixed before winter to prevent further issues. Shafer thanked the neighbor for expressing their concerns being brought up, as the current state of things is not acceptable. There were 3 action items brought to the board. The first was for a contractors reassessment for $266,791.88 which was approved. There was also $324,906.30 for a partial pay request which was approved. An annual report was given to the board on how many federal dollars have passed through the airport board’s accounts, which was approved.

The airport manager gave a report. The airport is operating smoothly and there is a waiting list for the hangars. They did receive a late notice from the company that keeps the gas pumps running. They will need to get the payment approved and sent as soon as possible. This was approved.

All bills were approved.

There was a discussion on the schedule change for 2022. The proposed date is the first Thursday of the month at 6 pm. Board members will need to respond to this by the end of the week.

Morgan Schofield


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