Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners

The Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners met on Thursday.

There was a financial report given to the board. The total for all 3 accounts is $719,884.94.

Paul Shaffer with BF&S fave an update on construction. There was an AIP19 partial pay request to reimburse $161,866 in fees. This was approved. Change order 2 was presented to the board. This is for winterizing and complication due to extreme weather which cause things to move around. This means additional excavation work will need to be done. This is for $560,339.92 and is fairly common in projects of this size. Change order 2 was approved. The board will need to submit their capital improvement plan to INDOT. They recommend that they put all funds toward the runway to prove that they are serious about the construction. This was approved.

The Steve Lowe agreement with an appraiser was approved.

There was an agreement made with Mr. Sterchi that had some minor changes made. One was for the land pricing, as there was less land than thought originally, which was agreed to. The other change was for the board to pay him $855 for survey fees. This was approved.

Airport Manager Jerry Scheidler gave an update. Everything is running smoothly at the airport. They did have some trouble with the recent ice storm as ice had gathered on the runway. All hangars are full.

The payment of bills was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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