Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners

The Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners met on Monday.

There was a financial report given to the board. Airport operations has $134,272.39 and the total funds for the airport is $228,037.80. There we’re 1,845 total gallons of fuel sold in April.

Paul Shafer of BF&S gave an update. They have been moving dirt and installing concrete piping and basins. They are on time and have had some delays due to weather. Shaffer presented 2 actions items. The first was a partial pay request for $557,547.71 and a payment for the contractors for $523,319.21. Both actions items were approved. A pay invoice was approved.

There was an update given by the airport manager. All of the hangars are full and they have a short waiting list forming. The fuel filters arrived and were installed. With the weather being nicer, they have had more traffic at the airport.

The payment of the bills was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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