Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh on a resignation, retirement, and an appointment

Matters before Greensburg City Council last night

Resignation of Brenda Dwenger
“On Tuesday, June 1, Brenda Dwenger resigned from her post of Greensburg City Clerk Treasurer. Brenda is a pillar in our community, and has served Greensburg and Decatur in many capacities over her professional career. Brenda has chosen to spend more time with her family, and I am honored to have served with her. I wish her all the best.” – Joshua Marsh, Mayor of Greensburg

Retirement of Chief Bridges and Announcement of New Chief
Chief Bridges started with GPD in 2001, serving on patrol and as a detective before being appointed police chief in 2014. Chief Bridges has been instrumental in bringing new programming and technology to GPD in his tenure police chief, including the usage of body cams and in-car computers. With Chief Bridges’ leadership, GPD was one of the first law enforcement agencies in the State of Indiana to make it mandatory for officers to wear a body camera. By bringing new and updated technology to GPD, officers have been able to receive high-level training. Because of this over the last few years, GPD and its officers have earned state and national recognition- including the designation as the only law enforcement agency designated as a Certified Autism Center.

He introduced Greensburg to community policing while establishing programs such as Community Night Out, Project Lifesaver and partnering with the Indiana Special Olympics. These programs are designed to bring the community and GPD together and give residents the opportunity to know their law enforcement officers, and build a deeper community connection and trust. Chief Bridges also created the Greensburg Inclusion Park, a passion project to bring children and residents of all ages and abilities together in one spot.
“We are extremely grateful to have had Chief Bridges serve our community in this capacity for the last 20 years,” said Mayor Joshua Marsh. “Chief Bridges is a true example of someone with a servant’s heart- he has served selflessly and tirelessly. I am honored to have had him as part of the leadership team at the City of Greensburg, and I am truly excited to see him continue to serve our community in a new way. A top-tier law enforcement resource in this community will now be moving into a position where he will have the unique chance to interact with the younger generation of our community, and create intergenerational change towards law enforcement. This is not something many communities are able to accomplish, but with Chief Bridges’ new position with Greensburg Community Schools, we will have a greater chance of creating real change. I thank Chief Bridges for his service to our community, and I wish him well in the next step of his career.

“With Chief Bridges’ retirement in the middle of July, I am honored to announce his replacement. Effective July 1, Mike McNealy will be taking up the mantle of Chief of Police for the City of Greensburg. Mike has been an instrumental part of GPD, and I am excited to see where he will lead the organization in the future. Congratulations to Mike on his new leadership position, and I wish him the best.”

In 2015, Assistant Chief McNealy was put in charge of Greensburg Police Department’s portion of Spillman, which is a computer aided dispatch system that Decatur County Public Safety utilizes. During the last six years, McNealy has put in a countless number of hours into training and keeping the CAD System up and running for Decatur County.

In 2017, McNealy was promoted and was put in charge of Criminal Investigations. Over the last five years, Mike has taken on several murder, sex crime, and narcotics cases, along with financial crimes. While overseeing this division, he has been the lead detective in many high-profile cases that have led to several convictions.

As Assistant Chief, McNealy has completed several projects for the Greensburg Police Department. Currently, he is undertaking the review of all Greensburg Police Department policies that have not been updated in more than 15 years. He also oversees all major incidents that may occur within the city. Assistant Chief McNealy has several trainings and certifications in FEMA and Natural Disaster Planning. He is currently in charge of Greensburg’s Tactical Response Team, which serves high profile warrants and other large-scale incidents.

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