Greensburg Water Board Meeting

The City of Greensburg Water Board meeting on March 5, 2024, came to order at 6:00 pm. Roll Call was called with all members in attendance. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all in the room. The February 6, 2024 meeting minutes were approved as written. 

Darren Burkhart, HNTB Engineer was first on the agenda. He came before the board to discuss the addendum that must be created to be able to utilize the remaining funds that are left over from the Surface Water Treatment Facility. Due to legal requirements, they must create an addendum to have the opportunity to use those funds. Darren stated that he has worked on the required legal notice that he will release the notice and that it only requires 1 day’s notice. He will take care of this and bring it back to the board next month. 

Rick Denny, Water Plant Superintendent came before the board to present the 2023 Water Quality Report. He states that he has already submitted and received approval from IDEM. He said the last step is the board voting to approve the report. The board unanimously approved the report. Rick then asked for the board’s approval to renew their contract with HACH. He states that this is the company that furnishes the quality control equipment that he currently uses to run reports. Also, they are available for additional samples and quality testing. Rick added that these reports are required when reporting to the state. The board approved the renewal of the contract for $33,747.00. 

Rick Denny said that there are currently cracks in the driveway at the Water Plant. He said that he received a quote from Rick Jackson for $3,775.00 which will include filling those cracks and sealing the entire driveway. Board members agreed that preventative maintenance is cheaper than waiting and fixing issues later. The board approved this request 

The board asked Rick Denny how the Solar Eclipse may affect the Water Plant and the quality of the water. Rick said that he has no concerns that the water quality will be affected. He did ask Greensburg Police Chief Mike McNealy and Greensburg Fire Chief Nathan A. Stoermer to come forward and be a part of the conversation. Chief Stoermer stated that the city should expect driving gridlocks and avoid driving if possible. He said that currently, the city of Greensburg is expecting 6,000-20,000 additional individuals for the Solar Eclipse. Rick Denny said that they are planning to lock down the Water Plant and he will have operators located within the facility with call-out crews on stand-by. Chief McNealy said that they would be available if needed to help get staff through traffic to assist in any situation with the water department. Chief McNealy said that on the weekend of the Solar Eclipse, all employees of the police department will be working. Rick Denny added that all systems within the plant are connected and do not utilize the internet of any kind. 

Rick Denny stated that the board does have the monthly water report and that things were normal and that he had no concerns. 

The meeting was adjourned.

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