Harvest a Row

The Decatur County Community Foundation announces the return of its Harvest A Row donation
Harvest A Row has become a traditional method for local ag families to give to the Decatur County
Community Foundation.
Each fall the Foundation offers an opportunity for farmers to Harvest a Row and work with their local
elevator to dedicate a portion of those sales to DCCF.
DCCF directs those donations into the Ag Field of Interest Fund—a fund designed to support ag-related
projects and education in the county.
The Ag Field of Interest Fund was started in 2008 as the brainchild of former Foundation board members
Jay Hatton, Dale Crites, and Dan Wilson. The Fund was created to provide grants for local, non-profit ag
programs. Since inception the Fund has supported FFA and 4-H projects, has paid to bring high-profile ag
speakers to the area, and has been used for educational programs such as grain elevator safety. To
make a bigger impact, the committee works to grow the fund each fall, encouraging farmers to “Harvest
A Row” for the Fund.
When you request to dedicate a row to the Foundation, your elevator can send a check, in your name to
the Foundation. For more information on how you can Harvest a Row, or ways you can support the Ag
Field of Interest throughout the rest of the year, please contact the Decatur County Community
Foundation at 812-662-6364 or via email at info@dccfound.org.

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