Historic Investment in local infrastructure for stronger communities

From State Representative Randy Frye

Whether commuting to and from work or heading to the grocery store, roads play an important role in our daily lives. Sound infrastructure is also crucial for a strong, vibrant economy, and future growth and opportunities. After more than a decade of planning, the state will be investing nearly $200 million in State Road 101, which could lead to significant job creation and boost development in Southeast Indiana.

The project includes an extension of State Road 101, which will connect with U.S. 50 near Milan and at the Ohio River crossing at Markland Dam near Vevay. This new 25-mile development will also provide a direct connection to I-71 and I-74 for Hoosiers in Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland counties and a cross-river route for freight traffic in the area.

This investment to connect our communities through a strong network of roads not only means forthcoming construction jobs, but also business expansion and socioeconomic development in our area. Indiana is already attracting a record number of new job commitments, with almost 28,000 more jobs in 2020 than 2019 – even during a global pandemic. Our corner of state will be a part of Indiana’s continued success, and we will capitalize on our proximity to the Ohio River to drive economic development for years to come.

Indiana’s commitment to investing in infrastructure – for communities large and small – continues to make our state the ideal place to work, put down roots and raise a family. Thanks to fiscal responsibility and planning, Indiana is able to not only maintain our roads, but also strategically invest in long-term projects without passing debt to future generations.  Within the next year, this infrastructure plan will be further developed and we will soon be on our way to new growth. To learn more about this transformational project, visit in.gov/gov.

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