Info from the DOR on tax season

Indiana’s Individual income tax season is here

The 2024 Individual Tax Filing season is here. The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR), along with the IRS, is processing 2023 individual income tax returns. You have until Monday, April 15, 2024, to file and pay state and federal tax returns. 

DOR encourages taxpayers to use electronic filing, online payment and direct deposit for faster refunds and improved accuracy. INTIME offers direct messaging to DOR and payment plans, and you can request the status of your refund.

It’s important to wait to file until you receive all your official tax documents and wage statements

Employers must provide Forms W-2 by Jan. 31. Using your end-of-year paycheck stub or other unofficial sources of tax information risks the need to file an amended return later or delay your refund. And you may need other documents to file an accurate tax return, including documents on freelance, gig or business income, investments, interest, or prize winnings.

Customers who wish to contact DOR directly can use INTIME’s secure messaging for the most efficient service.

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